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Volume 87. Radiation Chemistry

Published: 23rd August 2001 Authors: C.D. Jonah B.S.M. Rao
During the twentieth century, radiation chemistry emerged as a multi-faceted field encompassing all areas of science. Radiation chemical techniques are becoming increasingly popular and are being routinely used not only by chemists but also by biologists, polymer scientists, etc.
"Radiation Chemistry: Present Status and Future Trends" presents an overall view of the different aspects of the subject. The chapters review the current status of the field and present the future opportunities in utilizing radiation chemical techniques. This will be of interest to chemists in general and in particular to radiation chemists, chemical kineticists, photochemists, physical-organic chemists and spectroscopists.
In view of the diverse nature of the field, the book is a multi-authored effort by several experts in their particular areas of research. Six main areas, both basic and applied, were identified and the book is organized around them. The topics were selected in terms of their relative importance and the contribution of radiation chemistry to the general areas of chemistry, biology and physics. The topics covered are as diverse as gas phase radiation chemistry, the use of radiation chemical techniques, the treatment of water pollutants, the chemical basis of radiation biology, and muonium chemistry. The book also contains an update of the next generation electron accelerators.

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