Series: Studies in Modern Thermodynamics

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Volume . Thermal Decomposition of Materials

Published: 9th July 1991 Editors: O.F. Shlensky L.N. Aksenov A.G. Shashkov
In some new technological processes the heating and resulting transformation of substances takes place in fractions of a second. Such processes include, high-frequency heating of materials, plasma processing of materials, laser technology, etc. Traditional methods and standard equipment used in thermal analysis are for slow heating rates of the sample, viz., at about 2-20 K/min. Therefore, rapid chemical reactions with a characteristic time of about one second may escape the attention of the researcher.

The purpose of this book is to explain problems regarding the micro- and macrokinetics of the thermolysis of substances and complex materials subjected to intensive heating. It is possible to carry out experiments at heating rates of more than 104K/s with the new special quick response pulse heaters described. During such experiments several hitherto unknown rapid reactions and thermolysis processes of an explosive nature have been established. These reactions take place in a few seconds to a hundredth of a second.

The book gives physical and mathematical models of thermolysis for all these processes. It will be of interest to scientists dealing with thermodynamics and rate processes, polymer materials, composite materials, chemical kinetics and transfer processes.

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