Series: Studies in Mechanical Engineering

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Volume 14. Cam Mechanisms

Published: 5th May 1993 Editors: M. Václavík Z. Koloc
Cams are found in almost all types of machines e.g. textile, printing, glass-making, milling, forming, packaging, transporting, and agricultural. Up-to-date requirements on the performance of such machinery necessitate the use of efficient methods for the design and production of high speed cam-follower assemblies.

Rapid advances in computing devices and numerically controlled machine tools have set the pace for the use of analytic methods in cam design and production. This volume is an update on the latest techniques available with regard to Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) of cam mechanisms.

Cam design demonstrates the necessity for a close collaboration between the calculator, designer and technologist. The procedures described in this book will prove invaluable for all those interested in reducing the manufacturing costs of such designs whilst maintaining high quality products.

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