Series: Studies in Logic and Practical Reasoning

The past decades have seen increased activity in the study and modelling of human behaviour, reasoning and language, often in conjunction with computational insights. In response to this broader development, new areas of logic have emerged, while old areas have shifted and evolved. The result has been a broad and influential interdisciplinary position for logic, at the border of mathematics and philosophy, as well as computer science, linguistics, and other fields.

Studies in Logic and Practical Reasoning is a companion series to Studies in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics, which the latter has done so much to keep the record of the mathematical turn in logic at an earlier stage. Studies in Logic and Practical Reasoning seeks to keep the record, with equal distinction, of logic's broader turn toward issues of information, computation, and practical reasoning. Our interests in this are both pure and applied. We cover a broad spectrum of logic-oriented topics as they exist today in philosophy, computer science, and linguistics, while also encouraging new links to cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and emerging fields such as quantum computation

Book Series: Handbook of Modal Logic

Most recent volume

Volume 3. Handbook of Modal Logic

Published: 3rd November 2006 Editors: Patrick Blackburn Johan van Benthem Frank Wolter
The Handbook of Modal Logic contains 20 articles, which collectively introduce contemporary modal logic, survey current research, and indicate the way in which the field is developing. The articles survey the field from a wide variety of perspectives: the underling theory is explored in depth, modern computational approaches are treated, and six major applications areas of modal logic (in Mathematics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Linguistics, Game Theory, and Philosophy) are surveyed. The book contains both well-written expository articles, suitable for beginners approaching the subject for the first time, and advanced articles, which will help those already familiar with the field to deepen their expertise. Please visit:

Additional volumes

Volume 2. Coherent Systems

Published: 21st September 2004 Author: Karl Schlechta

Volume 1. Handbook of the Logic of Argument and Inference

Published: 11th September 2002 Authors: R.H. Johnson H.J. Ohlbach Dov M. Gabbay John Woods