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Surface Acoustic Wave Filters

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Volume . Surface Acoustic Wave Filters

Published: 21st June 2007 Editors: David Morgan
This book gives the fundamental principles and device design techniques for surface acoustic wave filters. It covers the devices in widespread use today: bandpass and pulse compression filters, correlators and non-linear convolvers and resonators. The newest technologies for low bandpass filters are fully covered such as unidirectional transducers, resonators in impedance element filters, resonators in double-mode surface acoustic wave filters and transverse-coupled resonators using waveguides. The book covers the theory of acoustic wave physics, the piezoelectric effect, electrostatics at a surface, effective permittivity, piezoelectric SAW excitation and reception, and the SAW element factor. These are the main requirements for developing quasi-static theory, which gives a basis for the non-reflective transducers in transversal bandpass filters and interdigital pulse compression filters. It is also needed for the reflective transducers used in the newer devices.

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