Series: Soft Scale Insects

This two-volume book presents an up-to-date account of the soft-scale insects (Coccidae - one of about 20 families in the scale insect superfamily Coccoidea) and covers almost the entire spectrum of the knowledge of this insect family.

The two volumes are divided into three parts:

The Soft Scale Insects presents a comprehensive account of the morphology, systematics, phylogeny, biology, physiology, ecology and techniques for their scientific study.
The Natural Enemies covers the pathogens, predators and parasitoids.
Damage and Control opens with an account of the major soft scale pests to agricultural crops in the world, and concludes with a series of eighteen sections on the coccid pests to the most important crops in the world.

The extremely broad coverage will make this book of value to extension officers, to agricultural, horticultural and forestry organisations interested in pest control, to quarantine officers and to research personnel working with soft scales.

Book Series: Soft Scale Insects

Most recent volume

Volume 7B. Soft Scale Insects

Published: 9th December 1997 Serial Editors: Yair Ben-Dov Chris Hodgson
Soft Scale Insects is intended to be a further step towards providing comprehensive information on soft scale insects. Four or five decades ago, entomologists embarking on a study on soft scale insects would have encountered a scarcity of general text books or comprehensive treatise of the family, as a starting point for their research. At the time, the available knowledge and data were either scattered among numerous articles or regional monographs or were in obsolete books. It is hoped that this volume will cover almost the entire spectrum of the knowledge on the soft scale insect family, Coccidae. This book comprises six chapters and begins by discussing the natural enemies of soft scale insects, such as pathogens like entomopathogenic fungi; predators like coccineilidae and other coleoptera; and parasitoids like encyrtidae. It then discusses issues of damage and control, including pest status of soft scale insects and coccid pests of important crops. This book will be of interest to entomologists, horticulturists, zoologists, biologists, and those involved in general agricultural research.

Additional volumes

Volume 7A. Soft Scale Insects

Published: 15th October 1997 Serial Editors: Yair Ben-Dov Chris Hodgson