Series: Social Work Series

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Volume . The Group Process & Family Therapy

Published: 7th December 1987 Editors: J.H. Kahn S.M. Thompson
Few innovations in the field of psychotherapy have made such a universal impact as that of family therapy. The authors of 'The Group Process as a Helping Technique' have now brought family therapy within the same framework, holding that the underlying principles of group and of family treatment can become part of the thinking of members of the caring professions in general and of all whose work brings them into contact with people's problems and relationships. In this work they take the reader through a deceptively simple account of the origins of various forms of group work, culminating in the therapy of family groups, illustrating each form of group process with succinct examples from group counselling, social case-work, child guidance, family psychiatry, terminal care and mental health consultation. The scholarly discussion is illuminated with excerpts from Henry James, George Eliot, Bertrand Russell, Jane Austen and Conan Doyle, as well as from Sigmund Freud, Ezriel, Bion, Foulkes, Caplan, Skynner, Satir and Melanie Klein.

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