Series: Separation Science and Technology

Separation Science and Technology is designed to provide a focused treatment of modern separation techniques used primarily in the pharmaceutical industry. Representing a broad range of separation techniques used in pharmaceutical research and development, the chapters in each volume are a synthesis of current research authored by experts on the volume's subject. Pharmaceutical analysis is one of the fastest growing fields in analytical chemistry. For more information about the series please contact the Series Editor or the Acquisitions Editor, Susan Dennis at
Book Series: Handbook of Modern Pharmaceutical Analysis

Most recent volume

Volume 10. Handbook of Modern Pharmaceutical Analysis

Published: 29th September 2010 Editors: Satinder Ahuja Stephen Scypinski
Handbook of Modern Pharmaceutical Analysis, Second Edition, synthesizes the complex research and recent changes in the field, while covering the techniques and technology required for today's laboratories. The work integrates strategy, case studies, methodologies, and implications of new regulatory structures, providing complete coverage of quality assurance from the point of discovery to the point of use.

Additional volumes

Volume 9. Capillary Electrophoresis Methods for Pharmaceutical Analysis

Published: 5th August 2008 Editors: Satinder Ahuja Mohamedilias Jimidar

Volume 8. HPLC Method Development for Pharmaceuticals

Published: 15th May 2007 Editors: Satinder Ahuja Henrik Rasmussen

Volume 7. Handbook of Isoelectric Focusing and Proteomics

Published: 9th May 2005 Editors: David Garfin Satinder Ahuja

Volume 6. Handbook of Pharmaceutical Analysis by HPLC

Published: 9th February 2005 Editors: Satinder Ahuja Michael Dong

Volume 5. Handbook of Isolation and Characterization of Impurities in Pharmaceuticals

Published: 26th June 2003 Authors: Satinder Ahuja Karen Alsante

Volume 4. Chromatography and Separation Science

Published: 30th December 2002 Author: Satinder Ahuja

Volume 3. Handbook of Modern Pharmaceutical Analysis

Published: 26th July 2001 Editors: Satinder Ahuja Stephen Scypinski

Volume 2. Handbook of Bioseparations

Published: 5th June 2000 Editor: Satinder Ahuja

Volume 1. Bioseparations of Proteins

Published: 3rd November 1997 Series Editor: Satinder Ahuja Author: Ajit Sadana