Most recent volume

Volume 8. Advances in the Flow and Rheology of Non-Newtonian Fluids

Published: 7th May 1999 Editors: D.A. Siginer D. De Kee R.P. Chhabra
These two volumes contain chapters written by experts in such areas as bio and food rheology, polymer rheology, flow of suspensions, flow in porous media, electrorheological fluids, etc. Computational as well as analytical mathematical descriptions, involving appropriate constitutive equations deal with complex flow situations of industrial importance. This work is unique in that it brings together state of the art reviews and recent advances in a variety of areas, involving viscoelastic materials, in a desirable and timely manner.

Additional volumes

Volume 7. Rheology: An Historical Perspective

Published: 22nd April 1998 Authors: R.I. Tanner K. Walters

Volume 6. Fluid Mechanics of Viscoelasticity

Published: 2nd June 1997 Authors: R.R. Huilgol N. Phan-Thien

Volume 5. Rheology for Polymer Melt Processing

Published: 10th October 1996 Editors: J.-M. Piau J.-F. Agassant

Volume 4. Rheological Phenomena in Focus

Published: 23rd July 1993 Authors: D.V. Boger K. Walters

Volume 3. An Introduction to Rheology

Published: 1st June 1989 Editor: K. Walters

Volume 1. Numerical Simulation of Non-Newtonian Flow

Published: 1st February 1984 Authors: M.J. Crochet A.R. Davies K. Walters