Series: Reviews of UK Statistical Sources (RUKSS)

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Volume . Finance

Published: 9th November 1987 Editors: K. Phylaktis G. Kaye
This volume reviews the publicly available sources of statistical information on finance, covering the UK monetary sector, banks, finance houses, building societies and other financial institutions. It also deals with pensions, life insurance, government statistics and professional and trade associations.

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Printing & Publishing

Published: 29th October 1987 Editors: W. D. McClelland


Published: 22nd May 1987 Editors: L. M. Barley C. D. Field B. A. Kosmin J. S. Nielsen

Post & Telecommunications

Published: 7th April 1986 Editors: P. Nicholson S. Wall

Weather & Water

Published: 15th August 1985 Editors: W. F. Maunder B.W. Atkinson E.C. Penning-Rowsell Davina Parker

Iron & Steel - Shipbuilding

Published: 31st October 1984 Editors: A. Slaven D. Heal

Rail Transport and Sea Transport

Published: 1st September 1981 Editors: W. F. Maunder D. H. Aldcroft D. Mort


Published: 1st July 1981 Editors: M. A. Walker

Health Surveys and Related Studies

Published: 15th October 1979 Editors: W. F. Maunder M. Alderson R. Dowie