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Volume 21. Maritime Transport

Published: 26th July 2007 Serial Volume Editor: Athanasios Pallis
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Additional volumes

Volume 20. Railroad Economics

Published: 9th July 2007 Editors: Scott Dennis Wayne Talley

Volume 19. Investment and the use of Tax and Toll Revenues in the Transport Sector

Published: 24th April 2007 Editors: Andre de Palma Robin Lindsey Stef Proost

Volume 18. Bus Transport

Published: 30th January 2007 Author: David Hensher

Volume 17. Devolution, Port Governance and Port Performance

Published: 13th November 2006 Editors: Mary Brooks Kevin Cullinane

Volume 16. Port Economics

Published: 22nd June 2006 Editors: Kevin Cullinane Wayne Talley

Volume 15. Procurement and Financing of Motorways in Europe

Published: 2nd December 2005 Editors: Giorgio Ragazzi Werner Rothengatter

Volume 14. Measuring the Marginal Social Cost of Transport

Published: 20th October 2005 Editors: Christopher Nash Bryan Matthews

Volume 12. Shipping Economics

Published: 15th June 2005 Editor: Kevin Cullinane

Volume 13. Global Competition in Transportation Markets

Published: 10th June 2005 Editors: Adib Kanafani Katsuhiko Kuroda

Volume 11. Interurban Road Charging for Trucks in Europe

Published: 19th January 2005 Editor: Jose Viegas

Volume 10. Transportation Labor Issues and Regulatory Reform

Published: 24th August 2004 Editors: James Peoples Wayne Talley

Volume 9. Road Pricing

Published: 1st July 2004 Editor: Georgina Santos

Volume 8. Economic Impacts of Intelligent Transportation Systems

Published: 1st July 2004 Editors: E Bekiaris Y J Nakanishi

Volume 7. Railroad Bankruptcies and Mergers from Chicago West: 1975-2001

Published: 12th February 2004 Author: Michael Conant

Volume 6. Transportation After Deregulation

Published: 12th September 2001 Editor: B Starr McMullen

Volume 5. Research in Transportation Economics

Published: 3rd February 2000 Editor: B. Starr McMullen