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Volume 22. The Shape of Social Inequality

Published: 24th August 2005 Editor: David Bills
Preface: Archibald Orben Haller, an Intellectual Portrait. (A. Portes). Introduction. (D.B. Bills). Concepts for Social Stratification. Are There Any Big Classes at All? (K.A. Weeden, D.B. Grusky). Spaces and Networks: Concepts for Social Stratification. (J. Woelfel, M. Murero). Some Demographic Aspects of Rurality. (G.V. Fuguitt). Applications in U.S. Society. Assimilation in American Society: Occupational Achievement and Earnings for Ethnic Minorities in the United States, 1970 to 1990. (C.M. Snipp, C. Hirschman). Changes in the Structure of Status Systems: Employment Shifts in the Wake of Deindustrialization. (W.J. Haller). Physical and Mental Health Status of Adolescent Girls: A Comparative Ethnic Perspective. (M. Kleykamp, M. Tienda). The Black-White Achievement Gap in the First College Year: Evidence from a New Longitudinal Case Study. (K.I. Spenner, C. Buchmann, L.R. Landerman). Comparative Applications. Status Allocation in Village India. (B.D. Sharda). The Future of Gender in Mexico and the United states: Economic Transformation and Changing Definitions. (P. Fenandez-Kelly). Do Ethnic Enclaves Benefit or Harm Linguistically Isolated Employees? (M.D.R. Evans). Economic Change and the Legitimation of Inequality: The Transition from Socialism to the Free Market in Central-East Europe. (J. Kelley, K. Zagorski). Race, Socioeconomic Development and the Educational Stratification Process in Brazil. (D. Cireno Fernandes). Labor Force Classes and the Earnings Determination of the Farm Population in Brazil: 1973, 1982, and 1988. (J.A Neves).

Additional volumes

Volume 23. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility

Published: 4th June 2005 Editor: Kevin T Leicht

Volume 21. Inequality: Structures, Dynamics and Mechanisms

Published: 4th December 2004 Editors: Arne L. Kalleberg Stephen L. Morgan John Myles Rachel A. Rosenfeld (Deceased)

Volume 20. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility

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Volume 19. The Future of Market Transition

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Volume 17. The Future of Affirmative Action

Published: 28th January 2000 Editor: K.T. Leicht