Series: Requisites in Anesthesia

Most recent volume

Volume . Ambulatory Anesthesia

Published: 21st April 2006 Editors: Scott Springman

Additional volumes

Obstetric and Gynecologic Anesthesia

Published: 14th April 2006 Editors: Ferne Braveman

Pain Medicine

Published: 7th April 2006 Editors: Stephen Abram

Critical Care

Published: 20th May 2005 Editors: James Szalados Peter Papadakos

Adult Perioperative Anesthesia

Published: 21st May 2004 Editors: Daniel Cole Michelle Schlunt

Regional Anesthesia

Published: 10th May 2004 Editors: James Rathmell Joseph Neal Christopher Viscomi

Pediatric Anesthesia

Published: 7th May 2004 Editors: Ronald Litman

Cardiac and Vascular Anesthesia

Published: 10th March 2004 Editors: Jacqueline Leung