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Volume . Solar Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Published: 26th May 1992 Editors: J.C. McVeigh A. A. M. Sayigh
Solar cooling is most effective where it is most needed - in the tropics. Most developing countries lie in the hotter climatic regions, where cooling facilities are essential to promote the well-being, productivity and comfort of the population. Paradoxically, solar air-conditioning can contribute significantly to the alleviation of the problem. This book includes fully detailed treatment of the theory and applications of the techniques involved: vapour absorption systems, solar absorption systems, solar absorption cooling, radiative cooling and desiccant cooling. Particular applications stressed include the use of passive cooling in buildings and the provision of efficient refrigeration facilities, the latter being essential for the storage of vaccines in health-care programmes for the eradication of infectious diseases throughout the developing world.

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