Series: Real-Time Safety Critical Systems

In the 1990s, society has become increasingly dependent on computer systems for its products, its design and manufacturing processes and its routine business functions.

Pressure in now rising to ensure that technical progress leading to improved dependability of computers is matched by legal safeguards and subsequent accountability. The importance of research in this area has recently been recognized by governments and leading industries alike.

This newly launched book series aims to provide a forum for researchers and developers in Europe, USA and Japan to report their findings.

Book Series: HRT-HOOD™: A Structured Design Method for Hard Real-Time Ada Systems

Most recent volume

Volume 3. HRT-HOOD™: A Structured Design Method for Hard Real-Time Ada Systems

Published: 7th April 1995 Authors: A. Burns A. Wellings
The increasing use of computers for real-time control on board spacecrafts has brought with it a greater emphasis on the development methodology used for such systems. By their nature, spacecraft control computers have to operate unattended for long periods and because of the programmatics of space, systems are subject to a long development cycle. As a result, there are two distinct concerns, the first being that the development approach guarantees functional and timing correctness, the second being that problems, particularly those associated with timing, are considered as early as possible in the spacecraft development life cycle.

The European Space Agency has, for a number of years, encouraged the development of software using HOOD. It was thus a natural next step to investigate the incorporation of time within the existing HOOD framework. This has proven to be very beneficial and this book describes the approach developed by the authors for handling Hard Real-Time applications. It describes both the background scheduling theory, provides practical examples of its application to real life problems, and demonstrates how it is used in the various phases of the development of Hard Real-Time systems.

Additional volumes

Volume 2. Towards Verified Systems

Published: 30th September 1994 Editor: J. Bowen