Series: Progress in Electromagnetics Research

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Volume . Dielectric Properties of Heterogeneous Materials

Published: 1st December 1991 Editors: A. Priou
Recognizing the growing interest in the electromagnetic characteristics of composite materials, this important volume in the Progress in Electromagnetics series focuses exclusively on the dielectric properties of heterogeneous materials. The contributors to the volume present the background, state of the art, and future developments in dielectric modeling and characterization of heterogeneous materials. They include the existing theoretical models created for heterogeneous materials to better explain their behaviour and predict their electromagnetic properties, and present concepts that predict the effective permeability of materials. In addition, the contributors include measurement techniques to be used with the theoretical models to both validate them and furnish experimental data on composite media.

Additional volumes

Application of Conjugate Gradient Method to Electromagnetics and Signal Analysis

Published: 1st May 1991 Editors: T.K. Sarkar

Volume 4. Progress in Electromagnetics Research

Published: 1st January 1991 Editors: J.A. Kong

Polarimetric Remote Sensing

Published: 1st October 1990 Editors: J.A. Kong