Series: Progress in Cell Research

The new Elsevier book series PROGRESS IN CELL RESEARCH aims to cover the field of cell biology, collecting together, reviewing and documenting high quality research work in this rapidly changing area. The volumes will cover a wide range of topics including genetics, development, signalling, regulation, methodology, histology and cytology, aging, cancer, cellular neuroscience, and plant biology. As well as publishing contributions from leading research workers, the series will also encompass high level edited symposia, hence the series will be styled along the lines of its successful companion series Progress in Brain Research. Elsevier aims to bring together the best minds in the field to highlight the research areas which most need collecting, organising and publishing in an extremely high level series of current and exciting volumes.

Most recent volume

Volume . Towards Molecular Biophysics of Ion Channels

Published: 14th March 1997 Editors: M. Sokabe A. Auerbach F. Sigworth
This book is based on the proceedings of the 19th Taniguchi symposium in biophysics held at Nagoya, Japan, organized to help find a path towards the molecular biophysics of the ion channel. The past ten years have been a golden age in the structure-function study of ion channels. Scientists now stand at the entrance to the world of molecular biophysics of ion channels, the ultimate goal of which is an understanding of ion channel functions based on the dynamics of channel molecules.

Parts I and II examine the combination of electrophysiology and gene technology that has been unveiling the secrets of structure-function of ion channels. Parts IV and V show scientific efforts to depict an essence common to various ion channels and to understand the physical logic of ion channel functioning. Part III indicates paths still to be traced in channel engineering, a method where synthetic molecules could realize channel functions.

Additional volumes

Thirty Years of Progress in Mitochondrial Bioenergetics and Molecular Biology

Published: 24th July 1995 Editors: F. Palmieri S. Papa C. Saccone M.N. Gadaleta

Intercellular Communication through Gap Junctions

Published: 9th February 1995 Editors: Y. Kanno K. Kataoka Y. Shiba Y. Shibata T. Shimazu

Gap Junctions

Published: 8th April 1993 Editors: J.E. Hall Guido Zampighi R.M. Davis

The Band 3 Proteins

Published: 9th December 1992 Editors: E. Bamberg H. Passow

Control of Membrane Function: short-term and long-term

Published: 3rd August 1990 Editors: J.M. Ritchie P. Magistretti L. Bolis