Series: Progress in Cell Research

The new Elsevier book series PROGRESS IN CELL RESEARCH aims to cover the field of cell biology, collecting together, reviewing and documenting high quality research work in this rapidly changing area. The volumes will cover a wide range of topics including genetics, development, signalling, regulation, methodology, histology and cytology, aging, cancer, cellular neuroscience, and plant biology. As well as publishing contributions from leading research workers, the series will also encompass high level edited symposia, hence the series will be styled along the lines of its successful companion series Progress in Brain Research.

Elsevier aims to bring together the best minds in the field to highlight the research areas which most need collecting, organising and publishing in an extremely high level series of current and exciting volumes.

Book Series: Thirty Years of Progress in Mitochondrial Bioenergetics and Molecular Biology

Most recent volume

Volume . Thirty Years of Progress in Mitochondrial Bioenergetics and Molecular Biology

Published: 24th July 1995 Editors: F. Palmieri S. Papa C. Saccone M.N. Gadaleta
The topics contained in this book represent timely and currently exciting areas of research focused on mitochondria. It forms a comprehensive and up-to-date record of present knowledge at the molecular level of many important mitochondrial processes. Major achievements as well as new openings in the field have been stressed in many of the contributions to the book. Thus, it represents a valuable source and reference book, comprising the most recent results in this area. The topics treated should attract the attention of scientists from various fields, who are interested in bioenergetics, molecular biology and pathology of mitochondria.

Additional volumes

Intercellular Communication through Gap Junctions

Published: 9th February 1995 Editors: Y. Kanno K. Kataoka Y. Shiba Y. Shibata T. Shimazu

Gap Junctions

Published: 8th April 1993 Editors: J.E. Hall Guido Zampighi R.M. Davis

The Band 3 Proteins

Published: 9th December 1992 Editors: E. Bamberg H. Passow

Control of Membrane Function: short-term and long-term

Published: 3rd August 1990 Editors: J.M. Ritchie P. Magistretti L. Bolis