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Volume 4. Industrial Proteins in Perspective

Published: 16th May 2003 Editors: W.Y. Aalbersberg R.J. Hamer P. Jasperse Jo-Celene de Jongh C.G. de Kruif P. Walstra F.A. de Wolf
General introduction. Functional properties. 1. Functional properties in industrial applications. 2. Factors affecting functional properties. 3. Solubility. 4. Gel formation and properties. 5. Texturizing. 6. Adhesiveness. 7. Emulsion formation. 8. Emulsion and suspension stability. 9. Foam formation and stability. 10. Conclusions. Further reading. Globular proteins. 1. Introduction. 2. Egg white proteins - ovalbumin. 3. The principal bovine whey protein &bgr;-lactoglobulin: A structure-function analysis. 4. Pea legumins and vicilins. 5. Soybean proteins: Structure and function. 6. Sunflower seed proteins. 7. Potato tuber proteins. 8. Food safety and concluding remarks. References. Gluten. 1. General introduction. 2. Molecular and structural aspects of gluten proteins. 3. Gluten functions in food. 4. Non-food applications of gluten. 5. General discussion. References. Collagen and gelatin. 1. Introduction. 2. Structure and biosynthesis of collagen. 3. Outline of industrial production production processes. 4. Structure and rheology of gelatin gels. 5. Recombinant gelatin and collagen. 6. Applications in food. 7. Non-food applications. 8. Conclusions and outlook. References. Caseins. 1. Introduction. 2. Caseins, chemical composition and properties. 3. Casein-derived peptides. 4. Casein micelles in milk. 5. Interaction of casein micelles and whey protein in heated milk. 6. Casein in cheese. 7. Yoghurt. 8. Caseinates. 9. Non-food applications of caseins. References. Conclusions. Affiliations. Keyword Index.

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