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Volume 4. Industrial Proteins in Perspective

Published: 16th May 2003 Editors: W.Y. Aalbersberg R.J. Hamer P. Jasperse Jo-Celene de Jongh C.G. de Kruif P. Walstra F.A. de Wolf
This book gives the state of the art of the application of industrial (bulk) proteins in the manufacture and the resulting properties of various products, both in manufactured foods and in non-food applications. This concerns the making of gels, emulsions, foams and various specific products, including photographic films, tissue replacers and adhesives. Internationally known experts discuss the progress made over the last two decades in the study and the industrial application of a wide variety of proteins. It will help R & D departments in the industry, including producers and users of bulk proteins, in finding new functional applications of industrial proteins and in improving the quality of existing processes and products. It is the desired functional properties in industrial application of proteins that primarily determine their market value.

Additional volumes

Volume 22. Molecular Anatomy of Cellular Systems

Published: 20th August 2002 Editors: I. Endo I. Yamaguchi T. Kudo H. Osada T. Shibata

Volume 21. Biotechnology in the Pulp and Paper Industry

Published: 12th June 2002 Editors: L. Viikari R. Lantto

Volume 20. Biotechnology Organizations in Action

Published: 6th March 2002 Author: J. Norus

Volume 19. Trends in High Pressure Bioscience and Biotechnology

Published: 21st January 2002 Editor: R. Hayashi

Volume 18. Molecular Breeding of Woody Plants

Published: 30th November 2001 Editors: Noriyuki Morohoshi Atsushi Komamine

Volume 17. Food Biotechnology

Published: 19th July 2000 Editors: S. Bielecki J. Polak J. Tramper

Volume 16. Bioseparation Engineering

Published: 17th March 2000 Editors: I. Endo T. Nagamune S. Katoh T. Yonemoto

Volume 15. Stability and Stabilization of Biocatalysts

Published: 10th November 1998 Editor: A. Ballesteros Authors: F.J. Plou J.L. Iborra P.J. Halling

Volume 13. High Pressure Bioscience and Biotechnology

Published: 9th December 1996 Editors: Claude Balny R. Hayashi

Volume 14. Pectins and Pectinases

Published: 6th December 1996 Editors: J. Visser A.G.J. Voragen

Volume 12. Enzymes for Carbohydrate Engineering

Published: 6th August 1996 Editors: K.-H. Park J.F. Robyt Y-D. Choi

Volume 11. Immobilized Cells: Basics and Applications

Published: 21st March 1996 Editors: R.M. Buitelaar C. Bucke J. Tramper R.H. Wijffels

Volume 10. Carbohydrate Bioengineering

Published: 8th December 1995 Editors: S.B. Petersen B. Svensson S. Pedersen

Volume 8. Biocatalysis in Non-Conventional Media

Published: 4th September 1992 Editors: M.H. Vermuë H.H. Beeftink U. van Stockar J. Tramper