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Volume 7. Process Integration

Published: 14th February 2006 Author: Mahmoud M. El-Halwagi
Chapter 1: Introduction to Process Integration
Chapter 2: Overall Mass Targeting
Chapter 3: Graphical Techniques for Direct-Recycle Strategies
Chapter 4: Synthesis of Mass Exchange Networks: A Graphical Approach
Chapter 5: Visualization Techniques for the Development of Detailed Mass-Integration Strategies
Chapter 6: Algebraic Approach to Targeting Direct Recycle
Chapter 7: An Algebraic Approach to the Targeting opf Mass Exchange Networks
Chapter 8: Recycle Strategies Using Property Integration
Chapter 9: Heat Integration
Chapter 10: Combined Heat and Power Integration
Chapter 11: Overview of Optimization
Chapter 12: Mathematical Approach to Direct Recycle
Chapter 13: Mathematical Techniques for the Synthesis of Mass and Heat Exchange
Chapter 14: Mathematical Techiques for Mass-Integration
Chapter 15: Putting it Together: Initiatives and Applications

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