Series: Process Metallurgy

Elsevier's Process Metallurgy book series is designed to provide a comprehensive source of detailed information on all aspects of Metallurgy.

The series aims to compile studies on novel processes, process design, chemistry, modelling, control, economics and interfaces between unit operations. Topics covered include: leaching of metal values by chemical reagents or bacterial action at ambient or elevated pressures and temperatures; separation of solids from leach liquors; removal of impurities and recovery of metal values by precipitation, ion exchange, solvent extraction, gaseous reduction, cementation, electro-winning and electro-refining; pre-treatment of ores by roasting or chemical treatments such as halogenation or reduction; recycling of reagents and treatment of effluents.
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Book Series: Exploratory Analysis of Metallurgical Process Data with Neural Networks and Related Methods

Most recent volume

Volume 12. Exploratory Analysis of Metallurgical Process Data with Neural Networks and Related Methods

Published: 19th April 2002 Author: C. Aldrich
This volume is concerned with the analysis and interpretation of multivariate measurements commonly found in the mineral and metallurgical industries, with the emphasis on the use of neural networks.

The book is primarily aimed at the practicing metallurgist or process engineer, and a considerable part of it is of necessity devoted to the basic theory which is introduced as briefly as possible within the large scope of the field. Also, although the book focuses on neural networks, they cannot be divorced from their statistical framework and this is discussed in length. The book is therefore a blend of basic theory and some of the most recent advances in the practical application of neural networks.

Additional volumes

Volume 10. Extractive Metallurgy of Activated Minerals

Published: 28th April 2000 Author: P. Baláž

Volume 9A. Biohydrometallurgy and the Environment Toward the Mining of the 21st Century

Published: 20th May 1999 Editors: R. Amils A. Ballester

Volume 7B. Solvent Extraction 1990

Published: 5th February 1992 Editors: T. Sekine S. Kusakabe