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This series acts as a publishing medium for the proceedings of meetings, conferences and work-shops in Marine Science. High-quality works are assured with all manuscripts being peer-reviewed and thoroughly edited.
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Book Series: Sediment and Ecohydraulics

Most recent volume

Volume 9. Sediment and Ecohydraulics

Published: 28th November 2007 Editors: Tetsuya Kusuda Hiroyuki Yamanishi Jeremy Spearman Joseph Gailani
Sediments and Ecohyraulics is comprised of papers submitted to the 6th International Conference on Cohesive Sediments (INTERCOH 2005) held in Saga, Japan, September 2005. The papers are divided into two major categories. The first is basic processes, including erosion, settling, flocculation, and consolidation. The second major catagory is application of the understanding of cohesive sediments to address specific issues, including waterway and part management, fluid mud behavior, and contaminiated sediment management.

Additional volumes

Volume 8. Estuarine and Coastal Fine Sediment Dynamics

Published: 12th September 2006 Editors: Jerome Maa Lawrence Sanford David Schoellhamer

Volume 7. The Ecology of Poole Harbour

Published: 24th August 2005 Editors: V.J. May John Humphreys

Volume 6. Siberian river run-off in the Kara Sea

Published: 16th September 2003 Editors: R. Stein K. Fahl D.K. Fütterer E.M. Galimov O.V. Stepanets

Volume 5. Fine Sediment Dynamics in the Marine Environment

Published: 5th June 2002 Editors: Johan C. Winterwerp C. Kranenburg

Volume 4. Muddy Coasts of the World: Processes, Deposits and Function

Published: 28th January 2002 Editors: T. Healy Y. Wang J.-A. Healy

Volume 3. Coastal and Estuarine Fine Sediment Processes

Published: 15th January 2001 Editors: W.H. McAnally A.J. Mehta

Volume 2. Muddy Coast Dynamics and Resource Management

Published: 8th December 2000 Editors: B.W. Flemming M.T. Delafontaine G. Liebezeit