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Volume . Therapist's Guide to Clinical Intervention

Published: 3rd July 2017 Author: Sharon Johnson

Therapist’s Guide to Clinical Intervention: The 1-2-3's of Treatment Planning, Third Edition, is a must-have reference for clinicians completing insurance forms, participating in managed care or practicing in treatment settings requiring formalized goals and treatment objectives. This practical, hands-on handbook outlines treatment goals and objectives for each type of psychopathology as defined by the diagnostic and statistical manual by the American Psychiatric Association.

The book also identifies skill-building resources and provides samples of all major professional forms. This third edition includes at least 30% new material including the following changes: inclusion of diagnostic codes for ICD as well as DSM5; updated language throughout text in light of HIPAA imposed changes; groups all chapters to relate to similar disorders and themes to make it easier for readers to find what they need; revisions and improvements to special assessments; additions to skill building entries; and business forms updated per HIPAA and industry standards.

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WISC-IV Clinical Use and Interpretation

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Online Counseling

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Successful Private Practice in Neuropsychology

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Therapist's Guide to Learning and Attention Disorders

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Culture and Children's Intelligence

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Clinical Interpretation of the WAIS-III and WMS-III

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Evaluating and Treating Adolescent Suicide Attempters

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Clinician's Guide to Adult ADHD

Published: 27th August 2002 Editors: Sam Goldstein Anne Ellison

Brain Literacy for Educators and Psychologists

Published: 8th May 2002 Authors: Virginia Berninger Todd Richards

Assessment and Culture

Published: 3rd October 2001 Authors: Sharon-ann Gopaul McNicol Eleanor Armour-Thomas

Counseling Problem Gamblers

Published: 5th September 2001 Author: Joseph Ciarrocchi

Integrated Behavioral Healthcare

Published: 28th August 2001 Authors: Nicholas Cummings Victoria Follette Steven Hayes William O'Donohue

Succeeding with Difficult Clients

Published: 17th July 2001 Authors: Richard Wessler Sheenah Hankin Jonathan Stern

The Empathic Healer

Published: 23rd March 2001 Author: Michael Bennett

Treating Adult Children of Alcoholics

Published: 13th September 2000 Author: Douglas Ruben

Effective Brief Therapies

Published: 5th June 2000 Editors: Michel Hersen Maryka Biaggio

Substance Use Disorders

Published: 31st March 2000 Authors: Charles Dodgen W. Shea

The Essence of Psychotherapy

Published: 3rd March 2000 Authors: Nicholas Cummings Nicholas Cummings

Men and Depression

Published: 12th November 1999 Authors: Sam Cochran Fredric Rabinowitz

How to Build a Thriving Fee-for-Service Practice

Published: 23rd August 1999 Author: Laurie Kolt

The Psychoanalytic Study of Lives Over Time

Published: 20th August 1999 Editors: Jonathan Cohen Betram Cohler

A Guide to Starting Psychotherapy Groups

Published: 9th August 1999 Editors: John Price David Hescheles A. Price

Management and Administration Skills for the Mental Health Professional

Published: 6th August 1999 Editors: William O'Donohue Jane Fisher

Psychiatric Home Care

Published: 28th June 1999 Editor: Alan Menikoff

WISC-III Clinical Use and Interpretation

Published: 12th December 1997 Editors: Aurelio Prifitera Donald Saklofske

Play Therapy Treatment Planning and Interventions

Published: 9th October 1997 Authors: Kevin O'Connor Sue Ammen

Doing What Works in Brief Therapy

Published: 11th March 1996 Author: Ellen Quick