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Volume . Cytochemical Staining Methods for Electron Microscopy

Published: 31st July 1992 Editors: P.R. Lewis D.P. Knight
The series Practical Methods in Electron Microscopy, edited by Audrey M. Glauert has an international reputation as a unique source of practical information for all electron microscopists. Each book of the series starts from first principles, assuming no specialist knowledge, and is complete in itself. The series will eventually cover the whole range of techniques for electron microscopy.

In this latest volume in the popular series, Peter Lewis and David Knight describe in practical detail the whole range of staining techniques for electron microscopy, including contrast staining for ultrastructural studies, specific cytological staining methods, and enzyme cytochemical techniques.

The chemical basis of cytochemical methods is discussed and analysed in a straightforward manner with great clarity. In consequence this book will help the beginner to choose between the sometimes bewildering variety of published technical procedures.

Electron microscopists will find this volume to be an invaluable and compact source-book for all those cytochemical techniques that have proved to be both reliable and convenient to use. As with previous titles in this popular series, the unique type of practical guidance provided will be of value for many years to come.

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