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Volume . Essentials of Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine

Published: 1st September 2017 Authors: Nicola Zammitt Alastair O'Brien

‘Baby Kumar & Clark’, best-selling portable revision reference, is now in its sixth edition.

Additional volumes

Essentials of Paediatrics

Published: 12th December 2012 Authors: Nandu Thalange Richard Beach David Booth Lisa Jackson

Essentials of Clinical Surgery

Published: 28th May 2012 Authors: Ian Franklin Peter Dawson Alex Rodway

Essentials of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Published: 17th May 2012 Authors: Barry O'Reilly Cecilia Bottomley Janice Rymer

Pocket Essentials of Psychiatry

Published: 21st April 2008 Author: Basant Puri