Series: Physiological Ecology

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Volume . Forest Canopies

Editors: Margaret Lowman Nalini Nadkarni
For decades, researchers have been interested in the structure, function and inhabitants of forest canopies, but unfortunately, a large portion of this fascinating ecosystem was inaccessible. Recently, with the use of balloons, dirigibles, cranes, towers, suspended catwalks, and a variety of modern climbing equipment, scientists have begun to penetrate this dense foliage, allowing for a detailed, authoritative account of this enchanting world. Forest Canopies synthesizes the newly compiled data on canopy-dwelling organisms, including insects and other arthropods, lizards, birds, mammals, and, of course, the plants that both form and inhabit this unique aerial ecosystem.

Additional volumes

Reproductive Allocation in Plants

Published: 14th October 2005 Editors: Edward Reekie Fakhri Bazzaz

Stable Isotopes and Plant Carbon-Water Relations

Ecophysiology of Coniferous Forests

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Animal Migration, Orientation and Navigation

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Coastal Plant Communities of Latin America

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Resource Physiology of Conifers

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Response of Plants to Multiple Stresses

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Habitat Selection in Birds

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Vascular Transport in Plants

Published: 20th June 2005 Editors: N. Michelle Holbrook Maciej Zwieniecki

Stable Isotopes and Biosphere - Atmosphere Interactions

Published: 15th December 2004 Editors: Lawrence Flanagan James Ehleringer Diane Pataki

Forest Canopies

Published: 1st September 2004 Editors: Margaret Lowman H. Bruce Rinker

Terrestrial Global Productivity

Published: 7th May 2001 Editors: Jacques Roy Harold Mooney Bernard Saugier

Carbon Dioxide and Environmental Stress

Published: 2nd April 1999 Editors: Luo Yiqi Harold Mooney

C4 Plant Biology

Published: 15th December 1998

Ecology in Agriculture

Published: 28th August 1997 Editors: Louise Jackson

Plant Resource Allocation

Published: 16th June 1997 Editors: Fakhri Bazzaz John Grace

Applications of Physiological Ecology to Forest Management

Published: 16th December 1996 Editors: J. Landsberg S. Gower

Growth Control in Woody Plants

Published: 10th December 1996 Editors: Theodore Kozlowski Stephen Pallardy

Carbon Dioxide, Populations, and Communities

Published: 5th July 1996 Editors: Fakhri Bazzaz Christian Korner

Carbon Dioxide and Terrestrial Ecosystems

Published: 13th December 1995 Editors: George Koch Jacques Roy

Plant Stems

Published: 10th July 1995

Forest Canopies

Published: 2nd May 1995

Exploitation of Environmental Heterogeneity by Plants

Published: 11th February 1994

Flux Control in Biological Systems

Published: 3rd January 1994 Editors: Ernst-Detlef Schulze

Scaling Physiological Processes

Published: 13th January 1993

Arctic Ecosystems in a Changing Climate

Published: 26th November 1991 Editors: F. Chapin III Robert Jefferies James Reynolds Gaius Shaver Josef Svoboda Ellen Chu

Trace Gas Emissions by Plants

Published: 12th November 1991

The Physiological Ecology of Woody Plants

Published: 28th December 1990 Editors: Theodore Kozlowski Paul Kramer Stephen Pallardy

Habitat Selection in Birds

Published: 27th June 1985 Editors: Martin Cody

Flooding and Plant Growth

Published: 1st March 1984 Editors: Author Unknown