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Volume . The Role of Convection and Fluid Flow in Solidification and Crystal Growth

Published: 14th March 1983 Editors: D. T. J. Hurle E. Jakeman
Physicochemical Hydrodynamics: The Role of Convection and Fluid Flow in Solidification and Crystal Growth focuses on the processes, methodologies, reactions, and approaches involved in solidification and crystal growth brought about by convection and fluid flow. The selection first offers information on the techniques of crystal growth, convection in Czochralski growth melts, and Marangoni effects in crystal growth melts. Discussions focus on crystal growth under reduced gravity, Marangoni effects in growth from a crucible, thermocapillary convection in floating zones, near-field flow, Czochralski bulk flow, and melt, solution, and vapor growth. The text then examines the effect of convective flow on morphological stability and time-dependent natural convection in crystal growth systems. The manuscript elaborates on the effects of fluid flow on the solidification of industrial castings and ingots and application of holographic interferometry to hydrodynamic phenomena in crystal growth. Topics include effects of fluid flow on crystal structure, importance of macrosegregation defects in castings, value of convection in crystal growth, and occurrence of thermal oscillations in fluids. The selection is a dependable reference for readers interested in the role of convection and fluid flow in solidification and crystal growth.