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Volume 4. The Ontology of Spacetime II

Published: 17th June 2008 Series Volume Editor: Dennis Dieks
1. A Trope-Bundle Ontology for Field-Theory, A. Wayne 2. Is Structural Realism Relationism in Disguise? The Supererogatory Nature of the Substantivalism/Relationism Debate, M. Dorato 3. Identity, Spacetime and Cosmology, J. Faye 4. Persistence and Multilocation in Spacetime, Yu. Balashov 5. Is Spacetime a Gravitational Field?, D. Lehmkuhl 6. Structural Aspects of the Singular Features of Space-Time, V. Lam 7. Who’s Afraid of Background Independence?, D. Rickles 8. Understanding Indeterminism, C. Brighouse 9. Conventionality of Simultaneity and Reality, V. Petkov 10. Pruning Some Branches from Branching Spacetimes, J. Earman 11. Time Lapse and the Degeneracy of Time: Goedel, Proper Time and Becoming in Relativity Theory, R.T.W. Arthur 12. On Temporal Becoming, Relativity, and Quantum Mechanics, T. Bigaj 13. Relativity, the Passage of Time and the Cosmic Clock, P. Forrest 14. Time and Relation in Relativity and Quantum Gravity, A. de Saint-Ours 15. Mechanisms of Unification in Kaluza-Klein Theory, I. Muntean 16. Condensed Matter Physics and the Nature of Spacetime, J. Bain

Additional volumes

Volume 3. Symmetry, Structure, and Spacetime

Published: 5th October 2007 Author: Dean Rickles

Volume 2. The Structure and Interpretation of the Standard Model

Published: 8th May 2007 Author: Gordon McCabe

Volume 1. The Ontology of Spacetime

Published: 10th July 2006 Series Volume Editor: Dennis Dieks