Series: Perspectives on Bioinorganic Chemistry

This series presents state-of-the-art review articles in the rapidly developing area of bioinorganic chemistry. Bioinorganic chemistry is, by its very nature, an interdisciplinary area, and as a result there is a considerable need for review articles covering the many different aspects of the subject. In a diverse and rapidly developing field, the series will be of assistance to all those wishing a rapid update in a wide variety of specific areas.
Book Series: Perspectives on Bioinorganic Chemistry

Most recent volume

Volume 4. Perspectives on Bioinorganic Chemistry

Published: 23rd September 1999 Editors: R.W. Hay J.R. Dilworth K.B. Nolan
The aim of this series is to provide authoritative reviews in the rapidly expanding area of bioinorganic chemistry. The series will present "state of the art" reviews covering the whole field of bioinorganic chemistry. The present volume is the fourth in the series and covers the topics: lithium in biology, the structure and function of ceroplasmin, rhenium complexes in nuclear medicine, the anti-HIV activity of macrocyclic polyamines and their metal complexes for dinuclear phosphoesterase enzymes.