Series: Pergamon Studies in Neuroscience

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Volume . Perception, Memory and Emotion: Frontiers in Neuroscience

Published: 22nd October 1996 Editors: T. Ono B.L. McNaughton S. Molotchnikoff H. Nishijo E. T. Rolls
The brain is a complex and flexible system that consists of an enormous number of neurons. In a sense, the brain is more complex and flexible than any artificial system ever devised, and has an information processing capability that is far beyond that of modern computers. Furthermore, the complexity of the brain leads to an "emergent" phenomenon, "mind", which appears to possess capabilities beyond the mere sum of its parts. In this sense, the field of neuroscience involves a combination of both reductionistic and integrative approaches which places it in a unique position among many other scientific fields. That is, mind, which has been long ignored in the modern natural sciences, is the central issue in the neurosciences, and the brain is thought to be the physical basis of mind.

How far can the issue of mind be resolved by the present approach of neuroscience? We do not yet have a sufficient conceptual basis to answer this question; however, the rapid progress of neuroscience in recent years strongly leads us to the idea that the current accumulation of knowledge about brain could, if sufficiently integrated, already lead to significant breakthroughs in this field.

This book is intended to provide a better and more precise understanding of recent findings in the field of perception, memory and emotion by being a broad compendium of recent empirical and theoretical advances in these fields, with a direct relevance to humanity. It will be useful to all researchers in neurophysiology, neuropsychology, neuoranatomy, neurology, and psychiatry.

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