Series: Pearls

Most recent volume

Volume . EEG Pearls

Published: 1st August 2006 Editors: Mark Quigg

Additional volumes

Hematology and Oncology Pearls

Published: 25th April 2005 Editors: Ethan Basch Michael Danso

Toxicology Pearls

Published: 25th June 2004 Editors: Francis DeRoos Fred Henretig Kevin Osterhoudt Jeanmarie Perrone

Psychiatry Pearls

Published: 19th March 2004 Editors: Alex Kolevzon Daniel Stewart

EMG Pearls

Published: 16th March 2004 Editors: Anthony Amato Steven Greenberg

Hypertension Pearls

Published: 26th January 2004 Editors: Marion Wofford Deborah King Daniel Jones

Emergency Medicine Pearls

Published: 15th July 2003 Editors: Elizabeth Alpern Jill Baren

Spine Pearls

Published: 15th March 2003 Editors: S. Craig Humphreys Scott Hodges Jason Eck

Ophthalmology Pearls

Published: 2nd November 2002 Editors: Janice Gault

Anesthesia Pearls

Published: 25th October 2002 Editors: James Duke

Medical Consultation Pearls

Published: 15th May 2002 Editors: Donna Mercado Gerald Smetana

Palliative and End-of-Life Pearls

Published: 15th April 2002 Editors: John Heffner Ira Byock

Foot and Ankle Pearls

Published: 28th November 2001 Editors: Richard Jay

Hand Pearls

Published: 28th November 2001 Editors: Matthew Concannon Jack Hurov

Practical Gynecologic Pathology: A Diagnostic Approach

Editors: Olga Ioffe Joseph Rabban

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Pearls

Published: 26th March 2001 Editors: Ted Lennard

Pediatric Pulmonary Pearls

Published: 11th October 2000 Editors: Laura Inselman

Internal Medicine Pearls

Published: 6th October 2000 Editors: Steven Sahn John Heffner

Cardiology Pearls

Published: 26th September 2000 Editors: Peter Gazes Blase Carabello

Neurology Pearls

Published: 28th April 2000 Editors: Thomas Sutula Andrew Waclawik

Urology Pearls

Published: 7th October 1999 Editors: Martin Resnick Anthony Schaeffer

Dermatology Pearls

Published: 30th June 1999 Editors: Eleanor Sahn

Infectious Disease Pearls

Published: 11th November 1998 Editors: Burke Cunha

Critical Care Pearls

Published: 12th September 1997 Editors: Steven Sahn John Heffner

Rheumatology Pearls

Published: 24th February 1997 Editors: Richard Silver Edwin Smith

Tuberculosis Pearls

Published: 31st October 1995 Editors: Neil Schluger Timothy Harkin

Pulmonary Pearls II

Published: 9th December 1994 Editors: Steven Sahn John Heffner

Pulmonary Pearls I

Published: 22nd August 1988 Editors: Steven Sahn