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Volume 19. Pain Management: Evidence, Outcomes, and Quality of Life, A Sourcebook, Text with CD-ROM

Published: 27th December 2007 Authors: Harriët Wittink Daniel Carr
This collection of invited chapters focuses on topics relating to effective pain management. The emphasis now is on demonstrating the effectiveness of treatment and patient management through the measurement of treatment outcomes. This book aims to provide both researchers and clinicians with the tools to make the most appropriate treatment choice for each patient and to assess the cost-effectiveness of its implementation in relation to pain management.

Additional volumes

Volume 10. Pain in Neonates and Infants

Published: 1st May 2007 Editors: K. J. Anand B. J. Stevens Patrick McGrath

Volume 17. Management of Acute and Chronic Neck Pain

Published: 17th July 2006 Authors: Nikolai Bogduk Brian McGuirk

Volume 16. Understanding Pain for Better Clinical Practice

Published: 5th May 2005 Author: Steven Linton

Volume 12. New Avenues for the Prevention of Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain

Published: 9th August 2002 Editor: Steven Linton