Series: North-Holland Series in Statistics and Probability

Multivariate Environmental Statistics

Most recent volume

Volume 6. Multivariate Environmental Statistics

Published: 4th January 1994 Editors: G.P. Patil C.R. Rao
The main purpose of this volume is to provide a new perception of multivariate environmental statistics using some examples that are of concern and interest today. The papers are presented by outstanding research workers. They discuss the current state of the art in different areas of multivariate environmental statistics and provide new problems for future research and instruction. A perspective is to cover a broad spectrum of methods and issues involving multivariate observations and processes, and not just classical multivariate analysis. The book will be valuable to current statistical theory and practice in this area, and will be used by researchers, teachers, and students alike.

Additional volumes

Volume 5. Multivariate Analysis: Future Directions 2

Published: 26th November 1993 Editors: C.M. Cuadras C.R. Rao

Volume 4. Multivariate Analysis: Future Directions

Published: 9th September 1993 Editors: C.R. Rao

Volume 3. Estimation of Variance Components and Applications

Published: 1st March 1988 Editors: J. Kleffe C.R. Rao

Volume 2. Unified Theory and Strategies of Survey Sampling

Published: 1st January 1988 Editors: A. Chaudhuri J.W.E. Vos†

Volume 1. The Spectral Analysis of Time Series

Published: 1st August 1986 Editors: I.G. Zurbenko