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Volume . Leptons and Quarks

Published: 1st March 1985 Author: L.B. Okun
This book comprises an introduction to the theory of the weak interaction of elementary particles. The author outlines the current situation in weak interaction theory and discusses the prospects for the coming decade. The reader is familiarized with simple theoretical techniques for the calculation of decay rates, interaction cross-sections and angular and spin correlations.

Additional volumes

Stochastic Processes in Physics and Chemistry

Published: 21st March 2007 Author: N.G. Van Kampen

Lectures on Ion-Atom Collisions

Published: 23rd September 2005 Author: Jörg Eichler

Field Theory in Particle Physics, Volume 1

Authors: B. de Wit J. Smith

Diffraction Physics

Published: 5th December 1995 Author: J.M. Cowley

Physics in the Making

Published: 1st September 1989 Editors: A. Sarlemijn M.J. Sparnaay

Volume 1. Stochastic Processes in Physics and Chemistry

Author: N.G. Van Kampen

Statistical Mechanics

Published: 19th April 1990 Authors: R. Kubo H. Ichimura T. Usui N. Hashitsume

Volume 15. Solitons and Instantons

Published: 1st April 1987 Author: R. Rajaraman