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Stochastic Processes in Physics and Chemistry

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Volume . Stochastic Processes in Physics and Chemistry

Published: 21st March 2007 Editors: N.G. Van Kampen
The third edition of Van Kampen's standard work has been revised and updated. The main difference with the second edition is that the contrived application of the quantum master equation in section 6 of chapter XVII has been replaced with a satisfactory treatment of quantum fluctuations. Apart from that throughout the text corrections have been made and a number of references to later developments have been included. From the recent textbooks the following are the most relevant.
C.W.Gardiner, Quantum Optics (Springer, Berlin 1991) D.T. Gillespie, Markov Processes (Academic Press, San Diego 1992) W.T. Coffey, Yu.P.Kalmykov, and J.T.Waldron, The Langevin Equation (2nd edition, World Scientific, 2004)

Additional volumes

Lectures on Ion-Atom Collisions

Published: 23rd September 2005 Editors: Jörg Eichler

Diffraction Physics

Published: 5th December 1995 Editors: J.M. Cowley

Statistical Mechanics

Published: 19th April 1990 Editors: R. Kubo H. Ichimura T. Usui N. Hashitsume

Stochastic Processes in Physics and Chemistry

Published: 1st January 1990 Editors: N.G. Van Kampen

Volume 21. Basic Plasma Physics

Published: 26th October 1989 Editors: R.N. Sudan A.A. Galeev

Volume 20. Physics in the Making

Published: 1st September 1989 Editors: A. Sarlemijn M.J. Sparnaay

Volume 19. Introduction to the Spectroscopy of Atoms

Published: 1st May 1989 Editors: P.H. Heckmann E. Träbert

Volume 15. Solitons and Instantons

Published: 1st April 1987 Editors: R. Rajaraman

Volume 8. Ellipsometry and Polarized Light

Published: 1st April 1987 Editors: R.M.A. Azzam N.M. Bashara‡

Volume 1. Stochastic Processes in Physics and Chemistry

Published: 20th November 1992 Editors: N.G. Van Kampen

Simulation of Liquids and Solids

Published: 1st October 1987 Editors: G. Ciccotti D. Frenkel I.R. McDonald


Published: 1st May 1987 Editors: M.D. Sturge E.I. Rashba

Fluctuation Phenomena

Published: 1st March 1987 Editors: E.W. Montroll J.L. Lebowitz

Volume 13. The Physics of Magnetic Recording

Published: 1st January 1987 Editors: Steve Mee

Quantum Mechanics

Published: 1st September 1986 Editors: H.J. Lipkin

Field Theory in Particle Physics, Volume 1

Published: 1st August 1986 Editors: B. de Wit J. Smith

Niels Bohr

Published: 1st November 1985 Editors: S. Rozental


Published: 1st September 1985 Editors: E.A. Guggenheim

Volume 1. Paul Ehrenfest

Published: 1st July 1985 Editors: M.J. Klein

The Philosophy of Niels Bohr

Published: 1st May 1985 Editors: H.J. Folse

Leptons and Quarks

Published: 1st March 1985 Editors: L.B. Okun