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Volume . Neutron, X-rays and Light. Scattering Methods Applied to Soft Condensed Matter

Published: 30th October 2002 Editors: Th. Zemb P. Lindner
Scattering experiments, using X-ray, light and neutron sources (in historical order) are key techniques for studying structure and dynamics in systems containing colliods, polymers, surfactants and biological macromolecules, summarized here as soft condensed matter. The education in this field in Europe is very heterogeneous and frequently inadequate, which severely limits an efficient use of these methods, especially at large-scale facilities. The series of "Bombannes" schools and the completely revised and updated second edition of the lecture notes are devoted to a practical approach to current methodology of static and dynamic techiques. Basic information on data interpretation, on the complementarity of the different types of radiation, as well as information on recent applications and developments is presented. The aim is to avoid over - as well as under-exploitation of data.

Additional volumes

Quantum Coherence and Decoherence

Published: 1st March 2000 Authors: K. Fujikawa Y.A. Ono


Published: 24th June 1994 Editors: H. Masuhara F.C. De Schryver N. Kitamura N. Tamai

Quantum Control and Measurement

Published: 4th June 1993 Editors: H. Ezawa Y. Murayama

Crystal-Quasicrystal Transitions

Published: 18th March 1993 Editors: M.J. Yacamán M. Torres

Magnetic Properties of Fine Particles

Published: 4th September 1992 Editors: J.L. Dormann D. Fiorani

Dynamics and Mechanisms of Photoinduced Electron Transfer and Related Phenomena

Published: 6th May 1992 Editors: N. Mataga T. Okada H. Masuhara

Photochemical Processes in Organized Molecular Systems

Published: 21st August 1991 Editor: K. Honda

Nonlinear Phenomena in Fluids, Solids and other Complex Systems

Published: 3rd July 1991 Editors: P. Cordero B. Nachtergaele

Thermal Field Theories

Published: 3rd June 1991 Editors: H. Ezawa T. Arimitsu Yasushi Hashimoto

Mechanics, Analysis and Geometry: 200 Years after Lagrange

Published: 5th February 1991 Editor: M. Francaviglia

Strongly Coupled Plasma Physics

Published: 1st April 1990 Editor: S. Ichimaru

Between Science and Technology

Published: 6th March 1990 Editors: P. Kroes A. Sarlemijn

Nonlinear Phenomena in Complex Systems

Published: 23rd August 1989 Editor: A.N. Proto

Geometrical and Algebraic Aspects of Nonlinear Field Theory

Published: 1st July 1989 Editors: S. de Filippo M. Marinaro G. Marmo G. Vilasi

Turbulence and Nonlinear Dynamics in MHD Flows

Published: 1st July 1989 Editors: M. Meneguzzi A. Pouquet P.L. Sulem

High Gain, High Power Free Electron Laser: Physics and Application to TeV Particle Acceleration

Published: 1st July 1989 Editors: R. Bonifacio L. De Salvo Souza Claudio Pellegrini