Series: NeuroImmune Biology

Neuroimmune Biology (NIB) marks the beginning of a new scientific discipline, and is presented in a new book series. This series will collect, organise, co-ordinate, integrate and interpret the knowledge that is rapidly accumulating in biology regarding the physiology and pathophysiology of higher organisms. It is now apparent that the Nerves-, Endocrine-, and Immune systems form a regulatory network, which is fundamental for the entire life cycle of man and of higher animals, both in health and disease. The organisation and interpretation of knowledge concerning this regulatory system is important for a better understanding of higher organisms in their entire complexity.

NIB holds the promise of developing better approaches for the prevention and cure of human and animal diseases and for the development of better methods for the management of biological systems.

Book Series: The Brain and Host Defense

Most recent volume

Volume 9. The Brain and Host Defense

Published: 24th December 2009 Series Volume Editor: Barry G. W. Arnason Serial Editor: Istvan Berczi

It is now well recognized that the brain, and especially the hypothalamus, plays an important role in the regulation of immune reactions and inflammation. This book aims to review our current state of knowledge of this important field. Key historical findings are presented, and the reciprocal interactions between the brain and the immune system are examined. Particular emphasis is placed on inflammation, a critical host defense reaction that serves as an effector response for both the adaptive and innate immune systems.

Mechanisms implicated in brain defense, as well as in more general host defense, are discussed. The regulatory influences of the brain on inflammatory responses are included with particular reference to the role of the hypothalamus, which is also the main director the hormonal regulation of immune/inflammatory. Gender-related differences in immune responsiveness, circadian modulator of immune responses, and evidence that behavioral conditioning (e.g. reward) of immune responses is possible are used as examples to reinforce the notion that the neuroendocrine system exerts a fundamental and complex regulatory influence on the immune system.

Additional volumes

Volume 8. Neurogenic Inflammation in Health and Disease

Published: 27th November 2008 Series Volume Editor: Gabor Jancso

Volume 7. The Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis

Published: 7th July 2008 Series Volume Editors: Adriana Del Rey George Chrousos Hugo Besedovsky

Volume 6. Cytokines and the Brain

Published: 8th May 2008 Series Volume Editors: Christopher Phelps Elena Korneva

Volume 5. Natural Immunity

Published: 11th April 2005 Editors: Lorand Bertok Donna Chow

Volume 4. The Neuroendocrine Immune Network in Ageing

Published: 24th July 2004 Editors: R.H. Straub Eugenio Mocchegiani

Volume 3. The Immune-Neuroendocrine Circuitry

Published: 14th August 2003 Editors: I. Berczi Andor Szentivanyi

Volume 2. Growth and Lactogenic Hormones

Published: 18th April 2002 Editors: L. Matera R. Rapaport

Volume 1. New Foundation of Biology

Published: 19th July 2001 Editors: I. Berczi R.M. Gorczynski