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Volume 8. Fundamentals of Fluid-Solid Interactions

Published: 27th June 2008 Author: Xiaodong (Sheldon) Wang
This book focuses on the computational and theoretical approaches to the coupling of fluid mechanics and solids mechanics. In particular, nonlinear dynamical systems are introduced to the handling of complex fluid-solid interaction systems, For the past few decades, many terminologies have been introduced to this field, namely, flow-induced vibration, aeroelasticity, hydroelasticity, fluid-structure interaction, fluid-solid interaction, and more recently multi-physics problems. Moreover, engineering applications are distributed within different disciplines, such as nuclear, civil, aerospace, ocean, chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineering. Regrettably, while each particular subject is by itself very extensive, it has been difficult for a single book to cover in a reasonable depth and in the mean time to connect various topics. In light of the current multidisciplinary research need in nanotechnology and bioengineering, there is an urgent need for books to provide such a linkage and to lay a foundation for more specialized fields.

Additional volumes

Volume 7. Quantum Mechanics of Non-Hamiltonian and Dissipative Systems

Published: 8th May 2008 Author: Vasily Tarasov

Volume 6. The Synchronized Dynamics of Complex Systems

Published: 5th February 2008 Series Editors: Albert Luo George Zaslavsky Author: Stefano Boccaletti

Volume 5. Stability of Dynamical Systems

Published: 1st August 2007 Authors: Xiaoxin Liao L.Q. Wang P. Yu

Volume 4. Stochastic Dynamics and Control

Published: 10th August 2006 Author: Jian-Qiao Sun

Volume 3. Singularity and Dynamics on Discontinuous Vector Fields

Published: 7th July 2006 Author: Albert Luo

Volume 2. Fractal Dimensions for Poincare Recurrences

Published: 21st June 2006 Authors: Valentin Afraimovich Edgardo Ugalde Jesus Urias

Volume 1. Biology, Sociology, Geology by Computational Physicists

Published: 17th February 2006 Authors: Dietrich Stauffer Suzana Moss de Oliveira Paulo de Oliveira Jorge de Sá Martins