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Volume 6. The Hormonal Control of Gene Transcription

Published: 25th April 1991 Editors: P. Cohen J.G. Foulkes
Section I: Introduction. Chapter 1. An overview of transcription (N. Heintz and C. Desplan). Chapter 2. Regulation of eukaryotic RNA polymerase II transcription by sequence-specific DNA binding proteins (W. Herr). Chapter 3. An overview of signal transduction (P. Parker). Chapter 4. Hormonal effects on gene suppression mediated through trans-acting factors and chromatin structure (I.H. Williams and J.D. Haley). Section II: Regulation by second messenger systems. Chapter 5. Characteristics of the cAMP response unit (M.R. Montminy, G.A. Gonzales and K.K. Yamamoto). Chapter 6. Urokinase-type plasminogen activator gene regulation as a model system for studying transcriptional activation by the cAMP-dependent protein kinase pathway (Y. Nagamine, M.S. Altus, J.-I. Nakagawa, D. Pearson, D. von der Ahe). Chapter 7. Probing cAMP regulated gene expression with a recombinant protein kinase inhibitor (J.R. Grove and J. Avruch). Chapter 8. The AP-1 complex and its role in transcriptional control by protein kinase C (M. Karin). Chapter 9. Hormonal and liver-specific control of expression of the tyrosine aminotransferase gene (D. Nitsch, S. Ruppert, G. Kelsey et al.). Section III: Regulation of transcription by polypeptide hormones. Chapter 10. Genes induced by serum growth factors (L.F. Lau and D. Nathans). Chapter 11. Model systems of transcriptional regulation (T. Curran). Chapter 12. Regulation of transcription by insulin (D.K. Granner and R.M. O'Brien). Chapter 13. Regulation of transcription by transforming growth factor-&bgr; (D.R. Edwards and J. Heath). Chapter 14. Transcriptional regulation of interferon-inducible genes (G. Sen). Section IV: Regulation by hormone receptor-DNA binding proteins: the steroid-superfamily. Chapter 15. Mechanisms of regulation of gene transcription by steroid receptors (M.-J.-Tsai and B. O'Malley). Chapter 16. Regulation of transcription of glucocorticoids (M. Beato, U. Bruggemeier, G. Chalepakis, R.J.G. Hache, M. Kalff, B. Pina, E. Slater and M. Truss). Chapter 17. Regulation of gene transcription by thyroid hormones and retinoic acid. Section V: Regulation of transcription by environmental stress. Chapter 18. Transcriptional regulation of heat shock genes (R. Kingston). Chapter 19. Transcriptional regulation of immunoglobulin gene expression (T.A. Libermann and D. Baltimore). Chapter 20. The physiology of the NF-KB transcription factor (P.A. Baeuerle and D. Baltimore). Section VI: Transcriptional regulation and development. Chapter 21. Transcriptional control of drosophila embryogenesis (M. Levine and J.L. Manley). Chapter 22. The regulation of transcription during mouse embryogenesis (P. Rigby).

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Volume 2. Molecular Action of Toxins and Viruses

Published: 1st January 1982 Editors: P. Cohen S. Van Heyningen