Series: Modern Cartography Series

This series is designed to focus on key issues of significance to modern cartography. Each volume contains edited contributions from selected authors focussed on a specific theme. The general editor of the series is Professor D. R. Fraser Taylor, Professor of Goegraphy & Environmental Studies, and International Affairs and Director, Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre, Carleton University, 1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa Canada K1S 5B6. Telephone: 613-520-3979, Fax: 613-520-2395, E-Mail: []( The series has an editorial advisory board consisting of J.T. Coppock, University of Edinburgh, Scotland J.P. Grelot, Institut Geographic National, Paris, France Hu Yuju, Wuhan Technical University of Surveying and Mapping, People's Republic of China T. Kanakubo, Japan Map Center, Tokyo, Japan J.L. Morrison, US Bureau of the Census, Washington, D.C., USA B. Rystedt, Nationa Land Survey, Gavle, Sweden The general editor would welcome proposals for specific themes for future volumes in this series. Such proposals should include an initial outline and suggestions for potential authors.

Most recent volume

Volume 7. Geographical Information Management in Polar Regions

Editors: Peter Pulsifer D. R. Fraser Taylor

Geographical Information Management in Polar Regions: Mediation, Data Sharing and Interoperability contributes to the development of an interoperable polar information system while improving the general understanding of design, implementation and community building. The book reflects on and critically evaluates the historical development of polar data management and information systems with a particular focus on activities under the recent International Polar Year (2007-2009) and beyond. This historical analysis provides a foundation for a proposed model that considers the complexity of the polar information domain. 


Geographical Information Management in Polar Regions: Mediation, Data Sharing and Interoperability presents a holistic model that combines many kinds of data, information and knowledge mediation under an integrated social-environmental-technical construct, supporting improved understanding and use of the Earth system as a whole. 

Additional volumes

Volume 6. Reflexive Cartography

Editors: Emanuela Casti

Volume 6. Reflexive Cartography

Published: 18th August 2015 Editors: Emanuela Casti

Volume 5. Cybercartography

Published: 12th January 2006 Editors: D.R.F. Taylor Tracey Lauriault

Volume 4. Cybercartography

Editors: D.R.F. Taylor Tracey Lauriault

Volume 3. Policy Issues in Modern Cartography

Published: 16th October 1998 Editors: D.R.F. Taylor

Volume 2. Visualization in Modern Cartography

Published: 21st October 1994 Editors: A.M. MacEachren D.R.F. Taylor

Volume 1. Geographic Information Systems

Published: 21st January 1991 Editors: D.R.F. Taylor