Series: Mobile Medicine

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Volume . Harriet Lane Handbook and Harriet Lane Handbook of Pediatric Antimicrobial Therapy Package

Published: 9th March 2015

Additional volumes

Park's The Pediatric Cardiology Handbook

Published: 13th January 2015

PART - Expert Consult site for The Harriet Lane Handbook

Published: 22nd May 2014 Editors: Branden Engorn Jamie Flerlage

The Harriet Lane Handbook

Published: 20th May 2014 Editors: Jamie Flerlage Branden Engorn

The Harriet Lane Handbook of Pediatric Antimicrobial Therapy

Published: 8th July 2013 Editors: Karen Carroll

Handbook of Splinting and Casting

Published: 21st November 2011 Editors: Dan Zlotolow Stephen Thompson

SPEC - ML - Mont Reid Surgical Handbook - Skyscape ID 2550

Published: 6th April 2011 Editors: Wolfgang Stehr

LIC - Johns Hopkins Anesthesiology Handbook - Skyscape Download

Published: 31st March 2011 Editors: Eugenie Heitmiller

LIC - The Harriet Lane Handbook of Pediatric Antimicrobial Theraphy - Skyscape Download

Published: 15th December 2010 Editors: Julia McMillan

Johns Hopkins Anesthesiology Handbook

Published: 24th September 2009 Editors: Eugenie Heitmiller Deborah Schwengel

Harriet Lane Handbook Package

Published: 17th February 2009 Editors: Carlton Lee Jason Custer Rachel Rau

Kardiologia dziecięca. Seria Mobile Medicine

Editors: Myung Park

The Parkland Trauma Handbook

Published: 19th November 2008 Editors: Alexander Eastman Erwin Thal David Rosenbaum

The Mont Reid Surgical Handbook

Published: 19th August 2008 Editors: David Fischer Wolfgang Stehr

The Perinatal Cardiology Handbook

Published: 23rd June 2008 Editors: James Huhta Lisa Hornberger Rima Bader

Pain Management and Procedural Sedation Handbook

Published: 20th March 2008 Editors: William Phillips Anna Lerant Loretta Jackson-Williams John Keith

The Johns Hopkins Manual of Cardiac Surgical Care

Published: 27th September 2007 Editors: Todd Dorman Sharon Owens William Baumgartner John Conte

The Family Medicine Handbook

Published: 6th June 2006 Editors: Mark Graber Jason Wilbur Jennifer Jones

The Osler Medical Handbook

Published: 31st March 2006 Editors: Kent Nilsson Jonathan Piccini

Handbook of Perioperative Care in General Thoracic Surgery

Published: 22nd March 2005 Editors: Reza Mehran Jean Deslauriers

Primary Care of the Newborn

Published: 1st September 1996 Editors: Henry Seidel Ambadas Pathak Beryl Rosenstein

Golden Hour

Published: 1st September 1995 Editors: Myron Yaster David Nichols J. Haller Dorothy Lappe