Series: Micro and Nano Technologies

The Micro & Nano Technologies (MNT) Series covers all major topic areas within the multidisciplinary field of micro & nano-scale science and technologies, including materials, technologies, applications, methods and tools as well as health and safety and environmental and regulatory aspects. The Series is aimed at Scientists and Engineers; in addition to full-length books the series includes short publications on fast-moving topics. If you are interested in writing or editing for the Micro & Nano Technologies (MNT) series, or becoming involved in the review of book proposals, please contact Simon Holt, Acquisitions Editor, Elsevier Science & Technology Books email:

Most recent volume

Volume . Small Scale Mechanics

Published: 1st January 2020 Editors: David Mendels

Additional volumes

Through Silicon Via Interconnect Technology

Published: 1st January 2020 Editors: Jianmin Miao Pradeep Dixit

Transport Phenomena in Micro- and Nanoscale Functional Materials and Devices

Published: 15th April 2018 Editors: Joao Ventura João Sousa João Araújo André Pereira Paulo Freitas

Integrated Nano-Biomechanics

Published: 1st October 2017 Editors: Takami Yamaguchi Takuji Ishikawa Yohsuke Imai

Thermoelectricity and Heat Transport in Graphene and other 2D Nanomaterials

Published: 1st September 2017 Editors: Serhii Shafraniuk

Emerging Nanotechnologies in Food Science

Published: 1st September 2017 Editors: Rosa Busquets

Nanostructures for Oral Medicine

Published: 1st August 2017 Editors: Alexandru Grumezescu Ecaterina Andronescu

Boron Nitride Nanotubes in Nanomedicine

Published: 21st April 2016 Editors: Gianni Ciofani Virgilio MATTOLI

External Magnetic Field Effects on Hydrothermal Treatment of Nanofluid

Published: 1st March 2016 Editors: Mohsen Sheikholeslami Davood Domairry Ganji

Assessing Nanoparticle Risks to Human Health

Published: 11th February 2016

Spectroscopy of Polymer Nanocomposites

Published: 11th February 2016 Editors: Sabu Thomas Didier Rouxel Deepalekshmi Ponnamma

Biomaterials Nanoarchitectonics

Published: 11th February 2016 Editors: Mitsuhiro Ebara

Glass Nanocomposites

Published: 15th January 2016 Editors: Basudeb Karmakar Klaus Rademann Andrey Stepanov

Three-Dimensional Microfabrication Using Two-Photon Polymerization

Published: 29th September 2015 Editors: Tommaso Baldacchini

Design and Applications of Nanostructured Polymer Blends and Nanocomposite Systems

Published: 23rd September 2015 Editors: Sabu Thomas Robert Shanks Sarathchandran Chandrasekharakurup

Enzyme Nanoparticles

Published: 26th May 2015 Editors: Chandra Pundir

Micromanufacturing Engineering and Technology

Published: 15th May 2015

Electrochemical Micromachining for Nanofabrication, MEMS and Nanotechnology

Published: 17th April 2015 Editors: Bijoy Bhattacharyya

Application of Nonlinear Systems in Nanomechanics and Nanofluids

Published: 18th March 2015 Editors: Davood Domairry Ganji Sayyid Habibollah Hashemi Kachapi

Applications of Graphene and Graphene-Oxide based Nanomaterials

Published: 23rd February 2015 Editors: Sekhar Ray

Microsystems for Bioelectronics

Published: 23rd February 2015

Polymer Micro- and Nanografting

Published: 16th February 2015 Editors: Celestino Padeste Sonja Neuhaus

Implantable Biomedical Microsystems

Published: 27th January 2015 Editors: Swarup Bhunia Steve Majerus Mohamad Sawan

Nanotechnology Applications for Tissue Engineering

Published: 8th January 2015 Editors: Sabu Thomas Yves Grohens Neethu Ninan

Nano-Glass Ceramics

Published: 8th January 2015 Editors: Vahak Marghussian

Polymer Nanoclay Composites

Published: 8th January 2015 Editors: Stephan Laske

Nanomaterials and Devices

Published: 26th September 2014 Editors: Donglu Shi

Emerging Nanotechnologies for Manufacturing

Published: 15th September 2014

Micro and Nanofabrication Using Self-Assembled Biological Nanostructures

Published: 10th September 2014 Editors: Jaime Castillo-León Winnie Svendsen

Nanotechnology Environmental Health and Safety

Published: 16th June 2014

Micro- and Nanoengineering of the Cell Surface

Published: 6th June 2014 Editors: Jeffrey Karp Weian Zhao

Fundamental Principles of Engineering Nanometrology

Published: 3rd June 2014

Nanotechnology Applications for Clean Water

Published: 6th May 2014

Introduction to Quantum Information Processing (QIP)

Published: 1st May 2014 Editors: Timothy Spiller William Munro

Biomolecular Electronics

Published: 14th April 2014 Editors: Paolo Facci

Nanofluidics and Microfluidics

Published: 13th January 2014 Editors: Shaurya Prakash Junghoon Yeom

Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials in the Treatment of Life-threatening Diseases

Published: 16th December 2013 Editors: Narenda Kumar Rajiv Kumar

Nanostructured Polymer Blends

Published: 13th December 2013 Editors: Sabu Thomas Robert Shanks Sarathchandran Chandrasekharakurup

Molecular Sensors and Nanodevices

Published: 4th December 2013 Editors: John Zhang Kazunori Hoshino

New Approaches to Image Processing based Failure Analysis of Nano-Scale ULSI Devices

Published: 18th November 2013 Editors: Zeev Zalevsky Pavel Livshits Eran Gur

Nanotube Superfiber Materials

Published: 25th September 2013 Editors: Mark Schulz Vesselin Shanov Zhangzhang Yin


Published: 29th March 2013 Editors: Gabor Forgacs Wei Sun

Engineered Nanopores for Bioanalytical Applications

Published: 4th March 2013 Editors: Joshua B. Edel Tim Albrecht

Microfluidic Cell Culture Systems

Published: 14th December 2012 Editors: Christopher Bettinger Jeffrey T Borenstein Sarah L Tao

Nanobiomaterials in Clinical Dentistry

Published: 14th December 2012 Editors: Karthikeyan Subramani Waqar Ahmed James K. Hartsfield

Quantitative Data Processing in Scanning Probe Microscopy

Published: 19th November 2012 Editors: Petr Klapetek

Ultrananocrystalline Diamond

Published: 11th September 2012 Editors: Olga A. Shenderova Dieter M. Gruen

Heat Transfer Enhancement Using Nanofluid Flow in Microchannels

Editors: Davood Domairry Ganji Amir Malvandi

Nano- and Microfluidics

Editors: Bastian E. Rapp

Near-Field Radiative Heat Transfer across Nanometer Vacuum Gaps

Editors: Soumyadipta Basu

Nano- and Microfabrication for Industrial and Biomedical Applications

Industrial Applications of Carbon Nanotubes

Editors: Huisheng Peng Qingwen Li Tao Chen

Supra-materials Nanoarchitectonics

Editors: Katsuhiko Ariga Masakazu Aono

Companion Site for Quantitative Data Processing in Scanning Probe Microscopy

Editors: Petr Klapetek

Nanostructures for Antimicrobial Therapy

Editors: Alexandru Grumezescu Anton Ficai

Nanomaterials for Energy

Editors: Sivaram Arepalli

Heat Transport in Micro and Nanoscale Thin Films

Editors: Bekir Yilbas

Microfluidics for Cellular Engineering

Editors: Jean Berthier

Nanotechnologies in Preventive and Regenerative Medicine

Editors: Vuk Uskokovic

Nanostructures for Drug Delivery

Editors: Alexandru Grumezescu Ecaterina Andronescu

Spherical Nanoindentation Stress-Strain Curves

Editors: Surya Kalidindi Siddhartha Pathak

Companion Website_Fundamental Principles of Engineering Nanometrology

Editors: Richard Leach

Emerging Nanotechnologies in Immunology

Editors: Eliana Souto

Lithography Technology

Editors: Jun Taniguchi

Metal Semiconductor Core-shell Nanostructures for Energy and Environmental Applications

Editors: Nishith Verma Raju Kumar Gupta Mrinmoy Misra

Nanostructures for Cancer Therapy

Editors: Alexandru Grumezescu Anton Ficai

Functionalized Nanomaterials for the Management of Microbial Infection

Editors: Rabah Boukherroub Sabine Szunerits Djamel Drider

Detonation Nanodiamonds

Editors: Valery Dolmatov

Nanostructures for Novel Therapy

Editors: Alexandru Grumezescu Denisa Ficai

Nanofluidics and Microfluidics

Editors: Shaurya Prakash Junghoon Yeom

Introduction to Quantum Information Processing (QIP)

Editors: Timothy Spiller William Munro

Carbon Nanomaterials for Biological and Medical Applications

Editors: Sekhar Ray Nikhil Jana

Nanotechnology in Cancer

Editors: Anshu Mathur

Nanostructures through Dynamic Shadowing Growth

Editors: Yiping Zhao Yuping He

Nanoinformatics: Principles and Practice

Editors: Mark Hoover Nathan Baker Frederick Klaessig Stacey Harper Juli Klemm Victor Maojo

Mechanical Behaviours of Carbon Nanotubes

Editors: K.M. Liew Yan Jianwei Lu-Wen Zhang


Editors: Jean-Charles Arnault

Carbon Nanotube-Reinforced Polymers

Editors: Roham Rafiee


Published: 23rd March 2012 Editors: Minjun Kim Julius Agung

Metrology for Nanotechnologies

Editors: Robert Geer

Physical Fundamentals of Nanomaterials

Editors: Bangwei Zhang

Semiconductor Nanomaterials for Flexible Technologies

Published: 1st April 2010 Editors: Yugang Sun John A. Rogers

Micro- and Nanotechnology in Vaccine Development

Editors: Mariusz Skwarczynski Istvan Toth

Fabrication & Design of Resonant Microdevices

Published: 3rd September 2008 Editors: Behraad Bahreyni

Hot Embossing

Published: 23rd June 2009 Editors: Matthias Worgull


Published: 20th October 2011 Editors: Nam-Trung Nguyen

Physics of Carbon Nanotube Devices

Published: 24th September 2008 Editors: Francois Leonard

Ceramic Thick Films for MEMS and Microdevices

Published: 21st October 2011 Editors: Robert A. Dorey


Published: 29th February 2008 Editors: Nam-Trung Nguyen


Published: 28th June 2011 Editors: Jeremy Ramsden Jeremy Ramsden

Applied Nanotechnology

Published: 27th August 2009 Editors: Jeremy Ramsden Jeremy Ramsden

Micro-Drops and Digital Microfluidics

Published: 5th February 2008 Editors: Jean Berthier Jean Berthier

Integrated Nanophotonic Devices

Published: 8th October 2010 Editors: Zeev Zalevsky Ibrahim Abdulhalim

Nano Optoelectronic Sensors and Devices

Published: 29th November 2011 Editors: Ning Xi King Lai

Micromachining Using Electrochemical Discharge Phenomenon

Published: 17th April 2009 Editors: Rolf Wuthrich Rolf Wuthrich Jana D. Abou Ziki

Handbook of Silicon Based MEMS Materials and Technologies

Published: 12th January 2010 Editors: Markku Tilli Teruaki Motooka Veikko Lindroos Veli-Matti Airaksinen Sami Franssila Markku Tilli Mervi Paulasto-Krockel Veikko Lindroos Ari Lehto Teruaki Motooka