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Volume 14. Inorganic Polymeric and Composite Membranes

Published: 19th May 2011 Editors: S. Ted Oyama Susan Stagg-Williams
Inorganic, Polymeric and Composite Membranes:   Structure-Function and Other Correlations covers the latest technical advances in topics such as structure-function relationships for polymeric, inorganic, and composite membranes.  Leading scientists provide in depth reviews and disseminate cutting-edge research results  on correlations but also discuss new materials, characterization, modelling, computational simulation, process concepts, and spectroscopy.

Additional volumes

Volume 13. Inorganic Membranes: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications

Published: 13th March 2008 Editors: Reyes Mallada Miguel Menéndez

Volume 12. Ion Exchange Membranes

Published: 6th July 2007 Authors: Yoshinobu Tanaka Yoshinobu Tanaka

Volume 11. Membrane Contactors: Fundamentals, Applications and Potentialities

Published: 2nd December 2005 Authors: Enrico Drioli A. Criscuoli E. Curcio

Volume 10. Nano and Micro Engineered Membrane Technology

Published: 5th February 2004 Author: CJM van Rijn

Volume 9. Ion-Exchange Membrane Separation Processes

Published: 29th January 2004 Author: H Strathmann

Volume 8. New Insights into Membrane Science and Technology: Polymeric and Biofunctional Membranes

Published: 23rd May 2003 Editors: Dibakar Bhattacharyya Allan Butterfield

Volume 7. Planar Lipid Bilayers (BLM's) and Their Applications

Published: 27th February 2003 Authors: H.T. Tien † A. Ottova-Leitmannova

Volume 6. Recent Advances in Gas Separation by Microporous Ceramic Membranes

Published: 26th September 2000 Editor: N.K. Kanellopoulos

Volume 5. Membrane Biophysics: As Viewed from Experimental Bilayer Lipid Membranes

Published: 11th January 2000 Authors: H.T. Tien † A. Ottova-Leitmannova

Volume 4. Fundamentals of Inorganic Membrane Science and Technology

Published: 19th November 1996 Editors: A.J. Burggraaf L. Cot

Volume 3. Inorganic Membranes for Separation and Reaction

Published: 7th June 1996 Author: H.P. Hsieh

Volume 2. Membrane Separations Technology

Published: 17th January 1995 Editors: R.D. Noble S.A. Stern