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Volume . Computational Analysis of Structured Media

Published: 11th September 2017 Authors: Simon Gluzman Vladimir Mityushev Wojciech Nawalaniec

Computational Analysis of Structured Media presents a systematical approach to analytical formulae for the effective properties of deterministic and random composites. Schwarz’s method and functional equations yield for use in symbolic-numeric computations relevant to the effective properties. The work is primarily concerned with constructive topics of boundary value problems, complex analysis, and their applications to composites. Symbolic-numerical computations are widely used to deduce new formulae interesting for applied mathematicians and engineers. The main line of presentation is the investigation of two-phase 2D composites with non-overlapping inclusions randomly embedded in matrices.

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Volume 197. Inequalities for Differential and Integral Equations

Published: 12th November 1997 Series Volume Editor: B. Pachpatte Series Editor: William Ames