Series: Materials and Processes for Electronic Applications

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Volume . Coating Materials for Electronic Applications

Published: 1st January 2030

This book provides the answers to those questions vital to the successful design and manufacturing of electronic components, modules, and systems such as:

• How can one protect electronic assemblies from prolonged high humidity, high temperatures, salt spray or other terrestrial and space environments?
• What coating types can be used to protect microelectronics in military, space, automotive, or medical environments?
• How can the chemistry of polymers be correlated to desirable physical and electrical properties?
• How can a design engineer avoid subsequent potential failures due to corrosion, metal migration, electrical degradation, outgassing?
• What are the best processes that manufacturing can use to mask, clean, prepare the surface, dispense the coating, and cure the coating?
• What quality assurance and in-process tests can be used to assure reliability?
• What government or industry specifications are available?
• How can organic coatings be selected to meet OSHA, EPA, and other regulations?

Besides a discussion of the traditional roles of coatings for moisture and environmental protection of printed circuit assemblies, this book covers dielectric coatings that provide electrical functions such as the low-dielectric-constant dielectrics used to fabricate multilayer interconnect substrates and high-frequency, high-speed circuits.

Materials engineers and chemists will benefit greatly from coverage of chemistry and properties of the main types of polymer coatings including: Epoxies, Polyimides, Silicones, Polyurethanes, Parylene, Benzocyclobenzene, among others.

For manufacturing personnel, there is an entire chapter of over a dozen processes for masking, cleaning, and surface preparation and a comprehensive review of over 20 processes for the application and curing of coatings including recent extrusion, meniscus, and curtain coating methods used in processing

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