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Volume . Encapsulation Technologies for Electronic Applications

Published: 1st May 2018 Authors: Jiawei Zhang Haleh Ardebili Michael Pecht Series Editor: James J. Licari

Electronics are used in a wide range of applications including computing, communication, biomedical, automotive, military and aerospace. They must operate in varying temperature and humidity environments including indoor controlled conditions and outdoor climate changes. Moisture, ionic contamination, heat, radiation and mechanical stresses are all highly detrimental to electronic devices and can lead to device failures. Therefore, it is essential that the electronic devices be packaged for protection from their intended environments, as well as to provide handling, assembly, electrical and thermal considerations.

Increasing functionality of semiconductor devices and higher end used expectations in last 5 to 10 years drive fast development in packaging and interconnect technologies. The demands for higher miniaturization, higher integration of functions, higher clock rates and data, and higher reliability influence almost all materials used for advanced electronics packaging.

Encapsulation Technologies for Electronic Applications, Second Edition continues to offer a comprehensive discussion of encapsulants in electronic applications. The main emphasis is on the encapsulation of microelectronic devices; however, the encapsulation of connectors and transformers is also addressed. This book discusses 2-D and 3-D packaging and encapsulation, encapsulation materials including environmentally friendly 'green' encapsulants, and the properties and characterization of encapsulants. Furthermore, this book provides an extensive discussion on defects and failures related to encapsulation, how to analyze such defects and failures, and how to apply quality assurance and qualification process for encapsulated packages. This book also provides information on the trends and challenges of encapsulation and microelectronic packages including application of nanotechnology.

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