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Volume . Master Medicine: General and Systematic Pathology

Published: 10th October 2008 Authors: Paul Bass Susan Burroughs Norman Carr Claire Way
Part 1: General Pathology

Pathology, health and disease. The diagnostic process: from clinical reasoning to molecular biology. Cell growth and adaptation. Cell injury. Cascades, haemostasis and shock. Atherosclerosis and thrombosis. The immune system 1. The immune system 2. Inflammation. Healing and repair. Differentiation, growth disorders and neoplasia. Classification of neoplasms. Cell and tissue degeneration and accumulation.

Part 2: Systematic Pathology

Cardiovascular system. Respiratory tract. Upper gastrointestinal tract. Lower gastrointestinal tract. Liver, biliary tract and exocrine pancreas. Endocrine system. Female breast. Female genital tract. Male genital tract. Urinary tract. Lymphoreticular system. Bones and soft tissue. Skin. Nervous system.

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