Series: Major Problems in Neurology

Most recent volume

Volume 36. Ethical Dilemmas in Neurology

Published: 27th October 1999 Editors: Adam Zeman Linda Emanuel

Additional volumes

Volume 35. Neurology of Inflammatory Connective Tissue Diseases

Published: 5th August 1999 Editors: Frans Jennekens Louis Kater

Neurological Complications of HIV and AIDS

Published: 9th July 1997 Editors: Gérard Said A. Saimot Marc Tardieu C. Lacroix

Cerebral Venous Thrombosis

Published: 11th March 1997 Editors: Marie-Germaine Bousser R. W. Ross Russell

Common Problems in Neuro-Ophthalmology

Published: 14th October 1996 Editors: James Acheson Michael Sanders

Wilson's Disease

Published: 26th February 1996 Editors: Tjaard Hoogenraad

Clinical Neurology for Psychiatrists

Published: 27th July 1995 Editors: David Kaufman

Volume 28. Trigeminal Neuralgia, Volume 28

Published: 21st June 1995 Editors: Joanna Zakrzewska

Metabolic Myopathies

Published: 28th June 1994 Editors: David Hilton-Jones Marian Squier Doris Taylor Paul Matthews

Transient Ischaemic Attacks of the Brain and Eye

Published: 3rd June 1994 Editors: Graeme Hankey Charles Warlow

Multiple Sclerosis

Published: 2nd March 1993 Editors: Helmut Bauer Folker Hanefeld

Subarachnoid Haemorrhage

Published: 25th September 1992 Editors: M. Vermeulen Kenneth Lindsay Jan van Gijn

Cluster Headache Syndrome, 23

Published: 23rd October 1991 Editors: Ottar Sjaastad

Transient Amnesia

Published: 8th October 1991 Editors: John Hodges

Huntington's Disease

Published: 27th June 1991 Editors: Peter Harper

Myotonic Dystrophy

Published: 16th October 1989 Editors: Peter Harper


Published: 22nd June 1989 Editors: Roger Porter

Neurology of Pregnancy, Volume 7

Published: 1st February 1989 Editors: James Donaldson

Volume 18. Syncope, Volume 18

Published: 1st August 1988 Editors: R. Ross

Volume 17. Neurological Emergencies, Volume 17

Published: 1st August 1988 Editors: E. M. R. Critchley

Volume 16. Neurological Infections, Volume 16

Published: 1st July 1988 Editors: Martin Wood Milne Anderson

Volume 15. Headache: Problems in Diagnosis and Management, Volume 15

Published: 1st February 1988 Editors: Anthony Hopkins

Volume 14. Sleep and Its Disorders, Volume 14

Published: 1st September 1985 Editors: J. Parkes

Volume 13. Neurocardiology, Volume 13

Published: 1st September 1984 Editors: Ralph Johnson David Lambie John Spalding

Head Injury

Published: 1st January 1977 Editors: N. E. F. Cartlidge D. Shaw