Series: Machine Intelligence and Pattern Recognition

Most recent volume

Volume V. Nanostructured Materials

Published: 1st January 2002 Editors: Carl C. Koch

Additional volumes

Volume 20. Parallel Processing for Artificial Intelligence 3

Published: 10th February 1997 Editors: H. Kitano J. Geller C.B. Suttner

Volume 19. Topological Algorithms for Digital Image Processing

Published: 17th July 1996 Editors: T.Y. Kong A. Rosenfeld

Volume 18. Statistical Optimization for Geometric Computation: Theory and Practice

Published: 14th March 1996 Editors: K. Kanatani

Volume 17. Uncertainty Modelling and Analysis: Theory and Applications

Published: 1st November 1994 Editors: B.M. Ayyub M.M. Gupta

Pattern Recognition in Practice IV: Multiple Paradigms, Comparative Studies and Hybrid Systems

Published: 30th September 1994 Editors: E.S. Gelsema L.N. Kanal

Parallel Processing for Artificial Intelligence 2

Published: 24th June 1994 Editors: C.B. Suttner H. Kitano V. Kumar

Parallel Processing for Artificial Intelligence 1

Published: 17th June 1994 Editors: L.N. Kanal H. Kitano V. Kumar C.B. Suttner

Volume 13. Analysis and Management of Uncertainty

Published: 25th May 1992 Editors: L.N. Kanal B.M. Ayyub M.M. Gupta

Volume 12. Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence 6

Published: 16th October 1991 Editors: P.P. Bonissone L.N. Kanal J.F. Lemmer M. Henrion

Volume 10. Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence 5

Published: 10th July 1990 Editors: M. Henrion J.F. Lemmer R.D. Shachter L.N. Kanal

Volume 9. Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence 4

Published: 26th June 1990 Editors: L.N. Kanal R.D. Shachter J.F. Lemmer T.S. Levitt

Volume 7. Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, Towards an Integration

Published: 1st November 1988 Editors: L.N. Kanal E.S. Gelsema

Volume 4. Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence

Published: 1st January 1990 Editors: J.F. Lemmer L.N. Kanal

Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence 3

Published: 1st June 1989 Editors: L.N. Kanal J.F. Lemmer T.S. Levitt

Computational Morphology

Published: 1st September 1988 Editors: G.T. Toussaint

Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence 2

Published: 1st April 1988 Editors: J.F. Lemmer L.N. Kanal

Volume 3. Techniques for 3-D Machine Perception

Published: 1st February 1986 Editors: A. Rosenfeld

Progress in Pattern Recognition 2

Published: 1st July 1985 Editors: A. Rosenfeld L.N. Kanal

Volume 2. Machine Intelligence and Pattern Recognition

Published: 1st January 1985 Editors: Godfried T. Toussaint

Volume 1. Artificial Neural Networks and Statistical Pattern Recognition

Published: 30th September 1991 Editors: Anil Jain I.K. Sethi