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Volume 88. Dynamos

Published: 13th August 2008 Series Volume Editors: Philippe Cardin L.G. Cugliandolo
1. T. Alboussière, Fundamentals of MHD 2. C.A. Jones, Dynamo Theory 3. P. Olson, Planetary Magnetism 4. A. Shukurov and Dmitry Sokoloff, Astrophysical Dynamos 5. B. Dubrulle, Turbulence and Dynamo 6. Y. Ponty, Numerical Modeling of Liquid Metal Dynamo Experiments 7. M. Dumberry, Taylor's Constraint and Torsional Oscillations 8. C.C. Finlay, Waves in the Presence of Magnetic Fields, Rotation and Convection 9. S. Stanley, Dynamos of the Ice Giants

Additional volumes

Volume 87. String Theory and the Real World: From particle physics to astrophysics

Published: 29th July 2008 Series Volume Editors: C. Bachas L. Baulieu M. Douglas E. Kiritsis E. Rabinovici P. Vanhove P. Windey L.G. Cugliandolo

Volume 86. Particle Physics and Cosmology: the Fabric of Spacetime

Published: 1st August 2007 Series Volume Editors: Francis Bernardeau Christophe Grojean Jean Dalibard

Volume 85. Complex Systems

Published: 1st August 2007 Series Volume Editors: Jean-Philippe Bouchaud Marc Mézard Jean Dalibard

Volume 84. Particle Physics beyond the Standard Model

Published: 4th July 2006 Series Volume Editors: Dmitri Kazakov Stéphane Lavignac Jean Dalibard

Volume 83. Mathematical Statistical Physics

Published: 27th June 2006 Series Volume Editors: Anton Bovier François Dunlop Aernout Van Enter Frank Den Hollander Jean Dalibard

Volume 82. Multiple Aspects of DNA and RNA: from Biophysics to Bioinformatics

Published: 2nd December 2005 Series Volume Editors: Didier Chatenay Simona Cocco Remi Monasson Denis Thieffry Jean Dalibard

Volume 81. Nanophysics: Coherence and Transport

Published: 2nd August 2005 Series Volume Editors: Hélène Bouchiat Yuval Gefen Sophie Guéron Gilles Montambaux Jean Dalibard

Volume 80. Methods and Models in Neurophysics

Published: 11th December 2004 Series Volume Editors: Carson Chow Boris Gutkin David Hansel Claude Meunier Jean Dalibard

Volume 79. Quantum Entanglement and Information Processing

Published: 5th November 2004 Series Volume Editors: Daniel Esteve Jean-Michel Raimond Jean Dalibard

Volume 67. Modeling the Earth's Climate and its Variability

Published: 13th December 1999 Authors: W.R. Holland S. Joussaume F. David

Volume 65. From Cell to Brain

Published: 16th December 1998 Editors: G. Zaccai J. Massoulié F. David

Volume 66. Trends in Nuclear Physics, 100 Years Later

Published: 9th October 1998 Editors: H. Nifenecker J.-P. Blaizot G.F. Bertsch W. Weise F. David