Most recent volume

Volume 88. Dynamos

Published: 13th August 2008
This book is a collection of lectures given in July 2007 at the Les Houches Summer School on "Dynamos".

Additional volumes

Volume 87. String Theory and the Real World: From particle physics to astrophysics

Published: 29th July 2008

Volume 86. Particle Physics and Cosmology: the Fabric of Spacetime

Published: 1st August 2007

Volume 85. Complex Systems

Published: 1st August 2007

Volume 84. Particle Physics beyond the Standard Model

Published: 4th July 2006

Volume 83. Mathematical Statistical Physics

Published: 27th June 2006

Volume 82. Multiple Aspects of DNA and RNA: from Biophysics to Bioinformatics

Published: 2nd December 2005

Volume 81. Nanophysics: Coherence and Transport

Published: 2nd August 2005

Volume 80. Methods and Models in Neurophysics

Published: 11th December 2004

Volume 79. Quantum Entanglement and Information Processing

Published: 5th November 2004

Volume 67. Modeling the Earth's Climate and its Variability

Published: 13th December 1999 Authors: W.R. Holland S. Joussaume F. David

Volume 66. Trends in Nuclear Physics, 100 Years Later

Published: 9th October 1998 Editors: H. Nifenecker J.-P. Blaizot G.F. Bertsch W. Weise F. David

Volume 65. From Cell to Brain

Published: 16th December 1998 Editors: G. Zaccai J. Massoulié F. David