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Volume . The IEA Study of Mathematics III

Published: 15th July 1993 Editor: Rami Burstein
The Second International Mathematics Study was conducted in the schools of 20 education systems under the sponsorship of the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA). This is the third of three international reports, each of which focus on a major component of the study. This volume describes the main findings from analyses of classroom processes and mathematic growth by posing such questions as: how successful have the national education systems been in providing the opportunity to learn mathematics by the end of the lower secondary school; what do students at the lower secondary level know across educational systems and what have they learned during their most recent schooling experiences; and what teaching practices are utilized in the mathematics classroom of the various systems and to what extent can these classroom processes explain differences in student achievements?

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Volume 4. The IEA Classroom Environment Study

Published: 6th November 1989 Editors: Louise Anderson D.W. Ryan B.J. Shapiro