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Volume . Advances in Fracture Resistance and Structural Integrity

Published: 12th December 1994 Editors: V.V. Panasyuk M.C. Pandey O.Ye. Andreykiv J.F. Knott P. Rama Rao R. Ritchie D.M.R. Taplin
The 8th International Conference on Fracture (ICF8), held in Kyiv, Ukraine, attracted 550 delegates from 30 countries with over 700 papers presented. This volume contains a representative selection of 72 articles of the highest standard from internationally renowned experts in the field. Principal topics covered include: mechanics and criteria of fracture, stress-strain analysis in solids with cracks, physics and mechanics of fracture, dynamic fracture, environmental effects, temperature influence on fracture, advanced and special-purpose materials engineering applications of fracture mechanics, fracture mechanics and strength of welded joints and structures, testing techniques and failure diagnostics. For anyone working in fracture mechanics and the performance of materials, this volume provides a valuable snapshot of the major recent developments in the field.

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