Series: International Series on the Strength and Fracture of Materials and Structures

Most recent volume

Volume . International Series on the Strength & Fracture of Materials & St H SFMS

Published: 1st June 1996 Editors: Author Unknown

Additional volumes

Advances in Fracture Resistance and Structural Integrity

Published: 12th December 1994 Editors: V.V. Panasyuk M.C. Pandey O.Ye. Andreykiv J.F. Knott P. Rama Rao R. Ritchie D.M.R. Taplin

Mechanical Behaviour of Materials - VI

Published: 22nd April 1992 Editors: M. Jono T. Inoue

Advances in Fracture Research

Published: 31st October 1989 Editors: K. Salama D.M.R. Taplin P. Rama Rao K. Ravi-Chandar

Strength of Metals and Alloys (ICSMA 8)

Published: 1st July 1989 Editors: P. O. Kettunen T. K. Lepistö M. E. Lehtonen

Mechanical Behaviour of Materials V

Published: 1st May 1988 Editors: M. G. Yan S. H. Zhang Z. M. Zheng