Series: International Series on Nuclear Energy

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Volume . A Short Course in Cloud Physics

Published: 1st January 1989 Editors: R. R. Rogers M.K. Yau
Covers essential parts of cloud and precipitation physics and has been extensively rewritten with over 60 new illustrations and many new and up to date references. The early chapters review atmospheric thermodynamics, providing a background for a new chapter on observed cloud properties, and revised chapters on the nucleation of water droplets and ice crystals, their growth and the development of precipitation. Many current topics are covered such as mesoscale meteorology, radar cloud studies and numerical cloud modelling, and topics from the second edition, such as severe storms, precipitation processes and large scale aspects of cloud physics, have been revised. Problems are included as examples and to supplement the text.

Additional volumes

Metal Vapours in Flames

Published: 1st May 1982 Editors: D. Ter Haar C. Th. J. Alkemade Tj. Hollander W. Snelleman P. J. Th. Zeegers

Biology and Quantum Mechanics

Published: 22nd December 1981 Editors: A. S. Davydov D. Oliver

Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics

Published: 1st February 1979 Editors: D. ter Haar V.L. Ginzburg

Quantum Mechanics

Published: 1st September 1976 Editors: D. ter Haar A. S. Davydov

Lectures on the Theory of the Nucleus

Published: 8th September 1975 Editors: A. G. Sitenko V. K. Tartakovskii

Problems in Optics

Published: 1st October 1973 Editors: D. Ter Haar M. Rousseau J. P. Mathieu

Statistical Mechanics

Published: 1st January 1972 Editors: R K Pathria

Elements of Hamiltonian Mechanics

Published: 20th May 1971 Editors: D. ter Haar

Problems in Quantum Mechanics

Published: 1st January 1971 Editors: F. Constantinescu J.A. Spiers E. Magyari